Adar Iskender

Novice Black Magician



Black Magic: Adar has learned a handful of profane and utilitarian spells, coming from a mix of mystical traditions.

  • Black Speech Of Mind-Breaking: By intoning words of dark power, Adar can force another to obey his commands.
  • Dark Images: Adar can project twisted and nightmarish phantasmal illusions into an opponent’s mind.
  • Mystic Torment: Adar can cast a spell that wracks a target’s body with intense pain.
  • Black Portal: By cutting through an evil extra-dimensional realm (Adar isn’t sure which), he can teleport. He is able to teleport to locations he can’t see as long as he has some reasonable knowledge about the area’s layout. Using this same power, Adar can open a very small gateway to spy through.
  • Terror Infliction: Adar can inflict pure sourceless terror on a target.
  • Spell-Shattering: Adar can dispel other magical effects.
  • City’s Protection: An unpredictable spell, Adar can call upon urban magic to make events align in his favor. This can mean anything from an exploding gas main to a falling power line to lightbulbs flashing at full intensity to a street collapsing in just the right way. The exact effect is uncontrollable, but it’s always beneficial to Adar in some way.


Occultist: Adar possesses some mystical knowledge; just enough to cast his spells and make his magical foci function.

Street Kid: Adar is well-versed in urban living, movement, and survival, thanks to his years living on the streets of Istanbul.


Robes Of Protection: Rather than maintain mage armor or a mystical ward, Adar has layered his defensive spells into his robe.

Dagger Of Sapping: A jagged ritual dagger, this handheld knife drains the strength and mental resolve of anyone who is injured by it. Adar typically only uses it on an opponent who gets too close to him, or to ‘soften up’ an opponent for his mental abilities.


Spell Components: Adar must be able to make gestures and speak incantations in order to cast his spells.

Hotheaded: Adar is young, reckless, and powerhungry. He is prone to making rash decisions based on impulse, and not thinking through the consequences of his actions.


Adar Iskender is an Armenian hailing from Turkey, who became an apprentice to an aging wizard while growing up on the streets of Istanbul. Adar was eager to learn the arcane arts from his mentor, but was only interested in the raw power that magic could provide; he had little attention span for arcane theory or classifications.

After learning a selection of powerful spells, Adar came to be manipulated by Der Gute Doktor. Promising the young mystic power if he were to follow the way of the Worm, Adar killed his master and traveled to San Diego, working with Der Gute Doktor to try and bring the city under his sway. Like the rest of the Cult of the Worm, Adar was captured by The B-Team.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Adar Iskender

The B-Team Heronator