Agent Curry

Former Superhero, Current NMAB Agent



Aquatic Physiology: Agent Curry is a Metahuman born with a number of adaptations that make his suited for aquatic life.

  • Environmental Adaptation: Curry is physically adapted to life underwater, able to move in water unrestricted, and immune to environmental hazards like crushing ocean depths. He is also able to see, hear, and speak normally while underwater.
  • Amphibious: Curry is fully amphibious, able to breathe either water or air.
  • Rapid Swimming: Curry is able to swim at rapid speeds, easily outpacing all but the fastest boats.
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Aquatic Enhancement: Curry possesses further enhanced strength and senses while underwater, and he heals at a faster rate.


Combat & Investigative Training: Curry spent years honing his skills as a superhero, and even longer as a superhuman government agent. As such, Curry is extremely skilled in superhuman combat, as well as police investigations.




Extreme Heat: Curry’s aquatic physiology is more vulnerable to dehydration. Hot climates such as a desert are usually insufficient to trigger this vulnerability; it only becomes apparent in conditions of truly extreme heat.


Joseph Curry was a young man in San Diego who took to the water like a fish. A Trueborn Metahuman, Curry felt as home in the waves from the first second he was taken to the beach.

As Curry aged and hit puberty, he discovered the rest of his powers. With his enhanced physiology, he was much stronger and tougher than those around him, even moreso when he was underwater. Wanting to use his abilities for good, he made himself a costume and dubbed himself ‘Aquaphibian’, and waged a one-man war against smuggling efforts in and out of the Port of San Diego.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t that careful. The Cesare Family discovered his secret identity after he’d been operating for several years, and put out a hit on his family. Curry’s father Artie, an aide to the Mayor, was killed before the rest of his family had to go into hiding.

At right around this same time, was the Rodney King Riots, and following that, the Post-Human Registration Act. Curry was courted as an early adopter of superhero registration, and was used as one of the poster boys for the program (proponents of the Act arguing that had Curry been given training and government aid, his secret identity wouldn’t have been discovered).

Curry signed up, his family being relocated under Witness Protection, and Curry joining the government’s first superhero program as Aquaphibian. He was one of the founding members of the San Diego’s government superteam, The San Diego Defenders. He served a long and storied career as a superhero, helping to protect San Diego and otherwise helping the government for more than two decades.

Now entering his 40’s, Curry felt like he was no longer physically capable of the life of a superhero, and opted to retire the Aquaphibian mantle. He handed Defenders leadership to Fighting Phoenix, and joined the NMAB in a more official capacity, acting as the NMAB Liaison for San Diego.

Although Curry was initially opposed to Mayweather’s idea of a superhuman defense team serving the Mayor’s office, he has begun to come around to the Mayor’s way of thinking. Following the White Incident and the death of Fighting Phoenix, Curry has seen that San Diego is in desperate need of superhuman defenders, having one of the lowest superhero-per-capita rates of all major American cities. To this end, he has worked with both the Mayor and the Defenders to put together a new team of superheroes to help protect San Diego. This group, San Diego Metasquad Alpha, works directly for Curry and the NMAB.

Agent Curry

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