Agent Robert Hill

NMAB Psi-Agent



NMAB Psi-Training: Robert is a graduate of the NMAB’s psychic training program. He has undergone extensive and intensive training regimens to allow him to tap into the latent psychic abilities many humans naturally possess.

  • Telepathic Communication: Robert can engage in thought-based communication with any intelligent creature in his vicinity he shares a language with.
  • Mind Probe: Robert can delve into a subjects thoughts using telepathy. This requires intense concentration, and strong-willed beings can resist the intrusion. Robert must be in close proximity to use this ability, but given enough time he can delve beyond surface thoughts and into core memories or psyche elements.
  • Thought Insertion: Robert can forcefully implant thoughts into a target’s mind, typically in the form of false memories or lasting illusions. This requires intense concentration, and strong-willed beings can resist the intrusion. Robert must be in close proximity to use this ability, and it grants him no direct control over the target; they respond to the new thought however they naturally would.
  • Psychic Shredder: Robert can use his mind as a blunt instrument against other minds, weaponizing his thoughts. Because doing so requires him to dwell on his most painful thoughts and memories, he prefers to fight using telekinesis.
  • Blunt Telekinesis: Robert is able to move objects with the power of his mind. He is able to move objects as a mid-level strength user (IE he could throw a sedan, but not a fully loaded truck), but possesses no fine control (IE he can pick up, move, or throw objects, but could not type or fire a gun).
  • Telekinetic Levitation: Robert is able to move himself telekinetically in order to achieve lift. Although he is theoretically capable of moving himself at the same speeds he moves other objects, psychological blocks prevent him from flying faster than his own running speed (likely to keep from injuring himself)


Combat Training: Robert has undergone full combat training with the NMAB. He is trained in the use of firearms, small unit tactics, breaching, and other appropriate combat skills.

Psychological Knowledge: As a part of his psychic training program, Robert has received extensive background training in various fields of psychology.

Investigative Training: As an individual invested with legal law enforcement authority, Robert is trained in investigations, forensics, interrogation, the legal limits of the law, and other such pertinent matters.


Body Armor: As Robert is not yet able to use his telekinesis to defend himself, he relies on protective body armor when in the field.


Glass Cannon: Robert is a trained psychic rather than a Metahuman one; as such, his body is not more resistant to injury (a trait extremely common to Metahumans regardless of powerset). He is as vulnerable to injury as any other human.


Robert Hill is the son of Henry Hill, a member of the NMAB Psi-Corps that went rogue. Following the death of his wife at the hands of King Cobra, Henry was driven mad with grief, and lashed out with his psychic abilities. He was eventually brought down by superhuman authorities, and is currently in federal custody.

Robert finished school while staying with his uncle in San Diego. He earned a bachelor’s in criminal justice, and then joined the NMAB. When he showed the same aptitude for the Psi-Corps that his father did, Robert’s superiors wanted him to enroll but were worried about the potential consequences. They put him through a series of psychological tests more thorough than the Psi-Corps requirements, in order to make sure that history would not repeat. When Robert passed to satisfaction, he was enrolled in the Psi-Corps.

Robert has proven to be a capable psychic, learning telepathic and telekinetic techniques. He is more proficient with telepathy than telekinesis; the latter is broad and primarily useful in direct combat, while the former is more controlled. Robert has recently begun learning advanced telepathic techniques, and has mastered the ability to insert foreign thoughts into a target.

STATUS: Active

Agent Robert Hill

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