Ai Apaec

Mochica God



Spirit God: Ai Apaec was the primary deity of the Mochica People, and still retains much power. All of his abilities derive from the beliefs surrounding him.

  • Powerful Spirit Form: As a spirit creature, Ai Apaec is not a living creature and is not vulnerable to things that only affect living creatures. He is also supremely strong and tough, and is able to easily resist most forms of assault.
  • Deific Mind: Ai Apaec has the intellect and force of personality appropriate to a god.
  • Form-Based Abilities: Ai Apaec was imagined by his followers as a powerful executioner, with a mane of snakes for hair, the fangs of a jaguar, and the body of a spider. As such, he possess all of the abilities appropriate to his physical form; his snakes can spray venom, he can climb walls and spin webs, he carries a powerful headsman’s axe, and so forth.
  • Punisher Of The Gods: Ai Apaec was charged by the beliefs of his people to punish humanity and the other gods when necessary. Ai Apaec’s belief system holds honor and oaths above all else; an oath to commit evil must be upheld as strongly as one to do good. Ai Apaec has the ability to sense those who have broken oaths, and targets them above all others.
  • Bringer Of Good Fortunes: Ai Apaec was also a protector of his people, and has the ability to bless those who would follow him. Believers who fight in his name can receive good luck on the battlefield, and those who sacrifice for him will receive the benefits of the harvests and the seasons.


Long-Lived Experience: Ai Apaec has lived for almost two millennia, and as such has acquired countless skills and learned innumerable things during his long existence as a deity.




Bound By Myth: Ai Apaec is a Spirit World entity, and affected by various magicks that affect Spirits. In addition, he is bound by the role his people imagined for him.


Ai Apaec appears as a Large sized spider, with a gray-skinned human torso emerging from the ‘head’. The human part is covered in blood red tribal tattoos, has completely white eyes, possesses oversized fangs like those of a jungle cat, and has a mane of green vipers for hair.

Ai Apaec is a spirit-god of the Mochica people, a civilization in Northern Peru that lasted from about 100-800 AD. Ai Apaec is known as both a creator and a destroyer god, often referred to with the sobriquets of ‘The Decapitator’ or ‘The Headsman’. He was both feared and adored, and his followers practiced torture, bloodletting, and sacrifice in his name. He was the protector of the Moche people, a provider of water, food, and military victory, and was also responsible for punishing humanity as well as the other gods.

Ai Apaec was summoned by Xandu, who wanted to use the deity’s powers to get petty revenge. Breaking free from the bindings Xandu laid down, Ai Apaec attempted to punish Mayor Mayweather for the oaths he had broken to his fellow villains when he made his deal with the Justice Department.

Ai Apaec was stopped by The B-Team, and with the help of MAGI, and banished back to the Spirit World.


Ai Apaec

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