Baron Bloodanov

Supervillain Burnout



Lingering Enhancements: As a result of his repeated use of the Smoke drug, Burnham possesses permanent alterations to his genome. Among other effects, Burnham’s mutations have left him with enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and durability.


Pharmacology: Burnham is an experienced drug dealer and cooker.


Smoke Hookup: Burnham has a metal canister implanted in his chest to store Smoke. He also wears a reinforced gas mask and uses an armored tube to connect the two.


Genetic Instability: Burnham’s repeated use of the Smoke drug has left permanent genetic scars. He has a number of genetic ailments that ultimately curb his lifespan to no more than a decade.

Damaged Immune System: Burnham’s abuse of Smoke and other drugs has severely damaged his immune system, making it difficult for his body to fight off diseases, chemical ailments, and other assaults on his physiology.

Power Addiction: Burnham has a psychological addiction to having superpowers, driving him to take power-inducing powers whenever possible.

Mental Instability: Burnham’s abuse of various drugs and chemical compounds has left his psyche in tatters. He has difficulty maintaining concentration or coherent trains of thought, and he is often submerged within the persona of ‘Baron Bloodanov’.


Baron Bloodanov wears black punk-style combat boots and brown tactical pants. He wears a large black leather trenchcoat, worn open with no undershirt. He wears a full head-covering gas mask, the tube of which runs into a port in his upper chest.

Gregory Burnham grew up in the suburbs outside Los Angeles. Gregory never knew his father, with Greg and his older brother Eric being raised by their mother Patricia. Patricia worked multiple part-time teaching positions, teaching chemistry at several local high schools and community colleges.

Tragedy struck the Burnham family twice as Greg was growing up. When the brothers were in middle school, Eric developed multiple sclerosis; when the boys were in high school, Patricia suffered from a severe heart attack that put her out of work.

Wanting to help his family, Gregory put aside his dreams of being an artist to try and support hus family. Unfortunately, there are few legitimate career paths for a high school student that can support a full household, which led to Gregory using his mother’s connections as a chemistry teacher to become a drug dealer.

For several months, Greg dealt party drugs, until he got an opportunity to play in the big leagues. Greg’s friend, Peter Krakowski, developed fire projection powers! Pete’s first thought was that he should rob a bank, but Greg had a more lucrative idea; use Pete’s blood as the basis to start dealing Metahuman Growth Hormone (MGH). Drugs that induce fire projection would be a tantalizing buy for any city gang leader looking to boost the power of his crew.

Greg knew that with this step up, his family would be in grave danger. To protect them, Baron Bloodanov was born; a ridiculous look and a ridiculous accent to throw people off the trail that Greg was a local high school student.

This worked, for a time. However, Greg got caught in a downward spiral, getting pulled deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld. To cope with the stress, he began sampling from his own varied stores of product; before long, Greg’s brain was so scorched from the drugs that he didn’t know where he ended and Bloodanov began.

Bloodanov was one of several drug dealers recruited into the Smoke Cartel. He worked in New LA for several years selling Smoke, and moved his operations down to San Diego when the Cartel began to focus operations on The City On The Border. He is one of many members of the Smoke Cartel that was captured during the Cartel’s dismantling.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Baron Bloodanov

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