Fallen Superhero



Superhuman Physiology: Bat-Boy possessed a superhumanly enhanced physiology.

  • Superhuman Strength: Bat-Boy was incredibly strong, and used this to his advantage in combat. He typically wielded an oversized metal baseball bat as a weapon, but he would also use other weapons if need be, or throw superhuman punches.
  • Superhuman Durability: Bat-Boy was also incredibly tough, able to withstand incredible amounts of punishment.




Metal Bat: Bat-Boy carried an oversized ‘baseball bat’ made of solid metal, which he used as his primary weapon.


Arachnid Prime’s Weapon: Whatever the mystery weapon is that Arachnid Prime concocted, it was able to completely ignore Bat-Boy’s superhuman toughness.


Bat-Boy dressed in an outfit reminiscent of a 1920’s baseball player; striped pants and short sleeve shirt, boots, belt, and baseball cap. He wore a domino mask and put greased eye black on his cheeks underneath the mask. He almost always carried an oversized metal pole, which was smoothed and painted to look like a baseball bat.

Bat-Boy is a superhero who appeared under mysterious circumstances in 1994, and was the first recruit to The San Diego Defenders be added to the team, growing the team beyond the original three. Bat-Boy spoke with a thick accent and was said to be from somewhere in Eastern Europe. However, Bat-Boy spoke very highly of his new country, and was a highly visible icon of patriotism in San Diego.

In 2006, The San Diego Defenders clashed with Arachnid Prime and the Arachnid Squad. The Defenders stopped Prime from unleashing mind control technology upon the city, but during the climactic battle in Balboa Park, Arachnid Prime unleashed an experimental energy weapon which was able to by-pass Bat-Boy’s superhuman toughness, killing him. In the aftermath of Bat-Boy’s death, Arachnid Prime escaped.

The City of San Diego held a large funeral procession for Bat-Boy, and his body was interred at the Fort Valhalla National Cemetery in Washington D.C.

Balboa Park was renamed Memorial Park in honor of his service and sacrifice, and at the park entrance a bronze statue of Bat-Boy was erected.


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