Black Beetle, The

Undead Time Traveler



Mystic Armor: The Black Beetle wears a suit of mystical obsidian armor that grants him a myriad of powerful abilities. The armor physically bonds to its wearer, and cannot be removed like a typical suit of power armor.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Flight
  • Void Projection: The Black Beetle can project blasts of Void anti-energies.
  • Tracking And Analysis: The Black Beetle is able to analyze anything it sees. Examples include identifying energy patterns and target differentiation.
  • Timeslide: The Black Beetle is able to move up and down the timeline, transposing itself into a possible past or future from its current position. By doing this repeatedly, it can also travel to alternate timelines, and can also utilize this same ability to teleport.

Undead: Beneath the Black Beetle armor, its user is an undead Revenant. This means that it does not require any food, water, or air, can survive many harsh environmental conditions, and possesses enhanced strength and durability, as well as effectively unlimited stamina.






Mystical Vulnerabilities: As an undead creature, The Black Beetle is vulnerable to a number of necromantic effects. The armor itself is also an enchanted item (although a powerful and resilient one) and thus theoretically vulnerable to anti-magic.


The Black Beetle wears the eponymous armor, which seems to be composed of organic-looking obsidian, giving an appearance similar to a carapace.

The Black Beetle’s real identity is unknown. What is known, is that it serves as an ally to Mr. White in the future timeline where his plan to remake America as an undead nation was successful. It acted as one of White’s enforcers, and traveled back in time in order to prevent Sondra Crain and Project Slipshift from succeeding in their mission to prevent White’s ascendancy.

Black Beetle returned to its native timeline following the capture and subsequent death of Agent Crain. However, despite its success, the timeline still split in Crain’s favor.

After Vanguard and Hotwire were trapped in Black Beetle’s native timeline, the pair removed the ‘time travel organ’ from The Black Beetle as a part of their escape. With Vanguard using this ‘organ’ to travel the timelines, this leaves Black Beetle stranded on its native world.


Black Beetle, The

The B-Team Heronator