Superhuman Serial Killer



Blade Proficiency: Bladewing possesses a Class One Metahuman mutation, giving him innate superhuman skill in handling bladed weapons. This ability does not include edged weapons (such as an axe) or more traditional stabbing weapons (such as a pike or a spear), but covers both slashing and puncturing blades, as well as improvised bladed weapons (such as a shiv or a shard of glass). This ability also extends past melee range (allowing, for example, the handling of throwing knives). As a part of this same mutation, Bladewing feels a powerful urge to kill.

Suppression Resistance: Bladewing possesses natural resistance to power suppression, making it hard to rob him of his Metahuman abilities.

Spirit Killer (Former): Following his acquisition of the angel feathers and their empowerment with dark magic, Bladewing found his powers enhanced. He gained the powers of a horror movie monster; durability, regeneration, enhanced stealth, and limited teleportation.


Trained Killer: Bladewing has operated as a serial killer for more than two decades, and is quite knowledgeable regarding his ‘craft’. He’s familiar with tracking and monitoring targets, stealth tactics, and other such ‘necessary skills’ for an urban serial killer.

Escapology: Bladewing spent his entire childhood and most of his young adulthood figuring his way out of mental institutions. As such, he’s very skilled at escapology, both on the small scale (contortionist skills, escaping from physical binds and restraints, etc.) and on the large scale (creating an escape plan, planning distractions and routes, etc.)


Partial Armor: Following Bladewing’s capture, his armor was mostly destroyed when Vanguard attacked New Los Angeles. He was able to recover the right arm, gauntlet, and shoulder set, which granted him enhanced strength with that arm, as well as being able to generate a protective force field over himself. Bladewing managed to hide this partial armor away before his second stay at Twin Towers, allowing him to recover it later.

Bladewing Armor (Former): When Jefferies held the mantle of Bladewing, he had a suit of custom-made Razorhawk armor. Eschewing the traditional blade feather design, the Bladewing armor had a single sheet of metal running from each wrist to the accompanying ankle, like a flying squirrel or flying lizard. The sheet’s edge had been honed to an almost monomolecular edge, making it incredibly sharp. This hyper-blade was in addition to traditional Razorhawk abilities, such as electromagnetic flight and projectile weapons.


Killing Urge: Bladewing has a compulsion to kill as a result of his Metahuman physiology and the psychological toll that took no his upbringing. Like a junkie needing a fix, Bladewing feels the need to occasionally murder someone, and the longer he goes without doing so, the more erratic his behavior and psychology become.


Damien Jefferies has a long history of cutting people. He was sick in the head from the day he was born; as soon as he could consciously think and move, he was pulling the legs off of insects. Every family pet died under mysterious circumstances, and on his first day of preschool, he blinded another child with a shard of broken glass.

He’s been locked up in every mental health facility in the state, but he could never be treated and always escaped. Unlike many like him, he wasn’t a giggling freak, or take extreme pleasure in hurting others. He simply enjoyed it like a hobby, as one might enjoy a TV show or fishing. He even took extreme pride in his work and capability, adopting the creed of ‘if you’re going to do something, be good at it’.

It was not for many years that Jefferies was discovered to be Metahuman, and his murder urges a part of his powers, but by then it was too late. Growing up with such warped urges, Jefferies was permanently psychologically damaged, even had his powers been removed.

Before Jefferies had a chance to be transferred to a superhuman detention facility, he escaped, and soon after he had a chance encounter with the Razorhawks. A member of the gang tried to mug him, which Jefferies countered by breaking his faceplate and using the shard to reach in and slice his throat. Impressed and frightened by his brutality and efficiency, Razorhawk gave Jefferies a place in the gang, and he swiftly worked his way up the ladder to a spot in Razorhawk’s Aviary.

Bladewing was an effective second-tier super-villain until he was defeated and captured as a part of Operation Can Opener, and held in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Following Twin Towers’ destruction, Bladewing recovered what he could of his armor, and continued his streak of killings.

He was later re-captured, and locked up in the rebuilt Twin Towers. During his period of incarceration, he was involved in a classified operation of a military nature. His involvement in this operation granted him significant time off, at which point he fell off the grid.

He re-appeared sometime later, in San Diego. In an attempt to re-build his offensive arsenal, he heard about a potent monomolecular weapon. This weapon turned out to be angel feathers, which Bladewing bought from William LaCroix. After his initial tests with the feathers, Bladewing discovered that they began to empower him the more he killed with them, prompting him to buy as many as he could, and kill as many as he could. Before long, Bladewing’s conscious mind had been whittled away, leaving only the corruption of black magic and impulses to murder and horrify. Bladewing indulged those urges, going on an enhanced killing spree across City Heights.

The B-Team tracked Bladewing back to his hideout and separated him from the feathers and his armor, and subdued him. Bladewing was interred at Blanch Correctional until the White Incident. While most of the villains incarcerated there helped fight off the zombies, Bladewing fled immediately, recovering his partial armor from the prison lock-up. He re-surfaced months later, running a theft ring using teenage runaways as ‘disposable’ thieves. He ran this ring with the help of Drago Black, and had also managed to capture Steel Eagle, forcing him to work as an armorsmith. The B-Team discovered this plot, freed Steel Eagle, and re-captured Bladewing, who was again imprisoned in Blanch Correctional.

STATUS: Imprisoned


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