Blasterman Bozo

The Molecular Madcap



Energy Body: Blasterman Bozo’s body is not just composed of Metahuman cells, but also of an unknown energy contained within an organic matrix. This not only grants him his matter manipulation abilities, but makes him extremely resistant to injury. He is incredibly durable, and is able to re-constitute his energy body if part or all of him is destroyed.

Molecular Telekinesis: Through the use of his molecular control, he can move objects as if he had telekinesis. He uses this same process to fly.

Transmutation: Blasterman Bozo can fire energy beams that transmute one substance into another. There does not appear to be any limit on what he can change things into.

Molecular Manipulation: In addition to the above stated powers, Blasterman Bozo can use his powers to alter molecular forces, such as adhesion or electron orbits, and he can break molecular bonds.

Energy Manipulation: Blasterman Bozo’s body innately collects, absorbs, and expends the energy necessary for his power-related feats. The energy necessary for the movement of molecules and the creation of molecular bonds is drawn from him and his reserves, and his body absorbs most or all of the energy that is released when molecular bonds are broken. Although this process occurs automatically as a part of his powers’ functionality, Blasterman Bozo can also consciously override this process, for such feats as causing objects to explode violently, draining ambient energy by forging molecular bonds, or projecting the stored energy into various kinds of destructive bursts and blasts.

Innate Molecular Sense: Blasterman Bozo possesses an innate sense of the molecular composition of objects.






Split Focus: Blasterman Bozo has difficulty doing more complex transmutations (anything more than transmuting things into solid elemental structures or simple chemical compounds), or performing multiple forms of matter manipulation at once.

Loyalty: Blasterman Bozo is loyal to Tricky Dick to a pathological degree.

Big Reach, Small Mind: Blasterman Bozo is much more powerful than he is intelligent, and often does not use his abilities to their full extent.


Blasterman Bozo, The Molecular Madcap, is a recent addition to The Halloweeners. Before gaining his powers, he was just a simple Halloweener street thug, when he and his comrades were cornered by several Revenant Crew street soldiers. As his friends were picked off one by one, Bozo grew desperate, and short-circuited his own blaster rifle in order to boost its killing power. This resulted in the Tesla device literally blowing up in his face.

Bozo’s AGM sequence kicked in at just that time, saving his life. He became a being partially composed of coherent energy, able to manipulate matter on a molecular level.

Blasterman Bozo, as he was now known, has mastered the use of his powers but has yet to achieve his full potential. He acts as a loyal minion of Tricky Dick, going so far as to vaporize Tricky Dick rather than allow him to be captured when cornered by The B-Team.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Blasterman Bozo

The B-Team Heronator