Boris Zlatkov

Smoke Dealer



Lingering Enhancements: As a result of his repeated use of the Smoke drug, Zlatkov possesses superhuman reflexes and reaction time.


Mobster: Before joining the Smoke cartel, Zlatkov was second-in-command of the Bulgarian Mafia operating in Southern California. Years of syndicate work have taught Zlatkov how to fight, how to shoot, how to intimidate, and how to run a ‘business’.


Favored Guns: While proficient in a number of varieties of firearms, Zlatkov prefers to use a pair of MAC-11 machine pistols.


Genetic Instability: Zlatkov’s repeated use of the Smoke drug has left permanent genetic scars. He has a number of genetic ailments that ultimately curb his lifespan to no more than a decade or two.


Boris Zlatkov was a member of the Bulgarian Mafia for many years, and was a skilled gunman and business operator. However, Zlatkov was given a better offer by Smoke, who promised him a prominent place in his burgeoning drug cartel in exchange for betraying his former comrades. Zlatkov did so, turning over resources and territory to Smoke during the cartel’s rapid initial growth.

Smoke had Zlatkov put his skills to work as a ‘logistics director’, overseeing the business side of things for the cartel. In this position, Zlatkov found himself regularly consuming the Smoke drug for the power high. He became addicted to the rush of superpowers, and particularly enjoyed superhuman reflexes (which he found to be very complimentary to his gunmanship skills).

Zlatkov was arrested by The B-Team during their takedown of the Smoke cartel. It was discovered that his repeated abuse of the Smoke drug had left a permanent imprint on his genome, granting him some lingering superhuman abilities. As such, Zlatkov was sentenced to Blanch Correctional.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Boris Zlatkov

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