Boss Tong

Triad Leader





Triad Boss: Boss Tong has been running Triad operations for decades. He possesses the business and managerial skills to keep his organization running efficiently, and he possesses the resources and contacts to keep it afloat.




No Combat Capability: Boss Tong is a well-connected mob boss, but possesses no fighting skills, superpowers, or enhanced gear.


Xiuyang Tong was born in Guangdong Province in China to a Triad family. From a young age, he was learning the ins and outs of the business, helping his father and older brothers deal with the Hong Kong families to import drugs and guns to the mainland. Xiuyang rose through the ranks throughout his life, showing a keen mind and ruthless sense for how to conduct Triad business.

When the Tong clan wanted to expand operations to the United States, Xiuyang was chosen. He and a group of loyalists made their way to San Diego by ship, and established themselves in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood.

Xiuyang, now Boss Tong, made himself a force to be feared in San Diego. One of the city’s powerful crime lords, he maintained a stranglehold on Kearny Mesa for decades. His rule was challenged by Ichiro Yamamoto of the Yakuza, who also wanted to expand operations into the city.

The Triad/Yakuza gang war caught the attention of The B-Team, who interfered several times with the Yakuza. Although the team tried to ally with Boss Tong, his refusal to give any ground in compromise led to the team setting him up for betrayal by the mercenaries he had hired to protect himself following the $10 Million bounty Ichiro placed on him.

Boss Tong was arrested by The B-Team, and was sentenced to the Richard J Donovan Correctional Facility.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Boss Tong

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