White Supremicist Pyrokinetic



Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Endurance

Azure Flame Projection: Burner has a number of abilities that stem from his ability to project the Azure Flame, a blue mystical fire that originates from a mystical wellspring in Culbron’s realm.

  • Fiery Blasts: Burner can sling blasts of flame at his opponents. He can use these blasts to hit either a single opponent or fill up a burst area with mystic flames.
  • Heat Flash: Burner can create a flash of blinding blue light with his flames.
  • Fiery Aura: Burner can cause the ghostly blue flames to lap across his skin, burning anyone who comes into contact with him.
  • Fire Flight: Burner can use his blue flames to carry him aloft, leaving a decaying fiery trail behind him.
  • Pyrokinesis: Burner’s power extends to earthly flames as well. Burner can cause existing flames to spread at his command.






Slow-Witted: Burner is often less effective than he could be by virtue of limited intellect and imagination. Burner tends to go the most direct route to achieving his goals; incinerating it with fire, or punching it with super strength. He rarely utilizes advanced tactics or clever maneuvers.


Daniel Erdmann, from a young age, was raised to believe the close-minded doctrine that anyone who wasn’t a white, non-Metahuman Protestant Christian was less than human and deserving of death.

As an adult, Daniel’s hatred made it hard for him to have any meaningful relationships or hold down a job. One night, wandering the city streets drunk after being fired for hassling a black customer, he was approached by the demonic creature Darkdevil in disguise, and was offered a simple deal: super-powers to deal with the ‘unclean’ in exchange for loyal service. Daniel accepted, and awoke the next morning to see that he could project mystic blue flames.

As Burner, Daniel fought a number of superheroes. He was captured and imprisoned in Twin Towers, and was one of the supervillains transferred to Blanch Correctional when it opened.

Burner helped The B-Team during The White Incident, and then served out the remainder of his sentence, getting released legally. He claimed to be reformed, and with Whitesnake went to work for Jason Cragg.

When Cragg was revealed to have been backed by the Storm Korps, Burner was captured and incarcerated in Blanch Correctional.

STATUS: Imprisoned


The B-Team Heronator