British Mercenary





Engineering: Chester is an engineer by training and vocation, and specializes in ballistics engineering and military field engineering.

Combat Experience: Chester has served as a soldier in one form or another for most of his adult life, and is a highly skilled combatant and marksman.


Blaster Rifle: Chester uses a two-handed energy blaster rifle, which utilizes Pulson technology to fire particle blasts. Yvan maintains the rifle and has given it some small modifications.

Forceweave Vest: Chester wears a military vest built with Forceweave technology, which helps to protect him from damage.


Only Human: Chester possesses no superhuman abilities and no truly extraordinary skills or equipment; while he is a very competent fighter with good gear, there are many limits to what he can do and what he can defend against.

Vulnerable Psyche: Chester is extremely prideful, and wants to prove himself.


Chester was born into a military family in Southern England. The youngest of seven, Chester felt an intense drive to prove his worth. Rather than go directly into the armed forces, Chester opted to first go to university, but with the ultimate intention of serving his country.

Chester attended the University of Cambridge for a degree in Engineering. While there, he met Yvan, the man who he would later work with as a mercenary. The two became fast friends, finding much in common with each other. When Yvan returned to Cameroon, he and Yvan maintained communication until Yvan became a mercenary.

After finishing his degree, Chester joined the Royal Engineers and gained a decorated service record. Always willing to throw himself into the deadliest jobs, Chester never shied away from the line of fire. However, his brashness and his superiority-inferiority complex kept him from truly advancing in rank. Despite his repeated successful attempts at derring-do, he never gained the perks of success, merely a dangerous reputation.

Chester was among the British forces deployed to Libya during the Libyan Civil War in 2011. While there, he encountered his old friend Yvan, who was working as a mercenary. Fed up with his perceived lack of respect in the Royal Engineers, Chester took up Yvan’s offer to become a mercenary. Chester went AWOL from the Royal Engineers, and the pair became a duo of guns-for-hire.

While working their way across Europe, they caught the eye of an off-the-books securities subsidiary of Blanch Industries. The pair performed several jobs with the corporation satisfactorily, and thus were extended an interesting offer; a burgeoning drug syndicate in the United States with ties to Blanch was in need of experienced military-minded combatants, to help compete against the local superhumans.

Chester and Yvan took the offer, coming to San Diego to work for the Smoke Cartel, being led by the Hyde Twins (as pawns of Mr. White). They were initially assigned as the personal guards of Jonathan Davenport, one of the cartel’s chemists and the man who organized the cartel’s pharmaceutical front, with plans for them to begin training the cartel’s street soldiers to turn them into a disciplined fighting force.

However, before those plans could come to fruition, The B-Team began dismantling the cartel. Davenport was fatally shot by Black Skull, at which point Yvan offered that the pair were merely hired hands, willing to walk away (despite his pride, Chester realized that the pair were outgunned). The B-Team took the offer, and the pair escaped.

Chester and Yvan bummed around San Diego, laying low during the White Incident. As they had begun to build a reputation of working with Blanch, they found that after the White Incident they were considered ‘tainted goods’ by the mercenary community. Stuck in San Diego for the moment, they have begun taking local jobs; most recently, they were hired by The Cult Of Raddik (through The Tolfarrian Trickster) to raid Mayor Mayweather’s ‘rainy day fund’ of potential sources of new superhumans, managing to get away with a canister of Spirit World spiders associated with Ai Apaec and a bio-slime produced by Vinespine following her plant’s metabolization of a solar-power-inducing mutagen.



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