Hellfire-Enhanced Mystic



Hellfire-Enhanced Magic: Once an unskilled rote spellcaster, Cinderburn has drastically increased his power by regularly taking the drug Hellfire. It has granted his vastly increased spellcasting prowess, and he has developed a penchant for several fields of magic.

  • Hellfire Blasts: In various shapes and sizes and with various properties, Cinderburn can throw fireballs of arcane flame drawn directly from a Hellsphere.
  • Nether-Portals: Cinderburn can open miniature portals to the Netherworld, to temporarily entrap foes, call forth shadow-entities, let loose draining shadows, or teleport.
  • Psychic Fear: Cinderburn can draw upon the primal psychic essence of fear to make his foes cower, directly attack their mind, or cause them to hallucinate.
  • Demonic Chains: Cinderburn can call upon burning demonic chains to lash or entrap his foes, temporarily enthrall them, or bind a demon into his service.
  • The Azure Flame: Cinderburn can call upon The Azure Flame, a font of mystic power in Culbron’s Hellsphere, to protect himself from harm, scorch others, burn away magic, control existing flames, or coating himself in immolated blue flame.
  • Slithering Spells: Cinderburn has learned several serpent-related spells, such as the ability to deliver venom with a touch, control existing serpents, or summon magical snakes from the Spirit World.


Occultist: Cinderburn is versed in the lore and functionings of arcane magic.




Dependence: Cinderburn must regularly dose himself with the drug Hellfire to maintain his mystical abilities.


Cinderburn was the newest Betrayer among the Children Of Judas in New Los Angeles. He was promoted from within, starting as a street gangster and minor occultist. He studied under his leader Ursis, and took the drug Hellfire to boost his powers.

Cinderburn and Hellscorcher came to San Diego to expand the Children’s power base. In dealing Hellfire within the city, he crossed El Azteca, which lead to his death.



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