Clayton Grissett

Enhanced Rogue Nosferatu



Nosferatu: Grissett was subject to the Nosferatu Serum, a Tesla-engineered mutagenic super-soldier procedure of the Storm Korps. It granted him numerous superhuman abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Senses
  • Superhuman Regeneration
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Fangs & Talons
  • Anti-Spooring: Grissett cannot be tracked by scent and typically leaves no forensic evidence.
  • Self-Sustenance: Grissett does not require air, sleep, water, or food (outside of his blood dependence).

Aftermarket Enhancements: Since going rogue from the Storm Korps, Grissett has undergone genetic manipulation at the hands of several different underworld geneticists. These modifications have increased his physical attributes beyond a typical Nosferatu soldier, and have reduced his vulnerabilities.

  • Suppression Immunity: Grissett’s numerous different black market gene treatments have left his powers completely immune to genetic suppression.


Superhuman Combat Specialist: Before becoming a Nosferatu, Grissett was a member of the Superhuman Combat Specialists, the Storm Korps’ group of ‘cape-killer’ units. As such, he is skilled in the use of heavy weaponry and advanced technology, as well as fighting more powerful and superhuman opponents.




Sunlight: Although he doesn’t burn in sunlight like other Nosferatu, direct sunlight or other intense UV is still disorienting to Grissett.

Silver: Although not as detrimental to him as to other Nosferatu, silver exposure does inhibit Grissett’s healing factor.

Blood Dependence: Grissett’s mutated physiology is only capable of deriving energy and nutrients from relatively fresh or well-preserved mammalian blood.


Lieutenant Clayton Grissett was born in a small town in Alabama. His parents were poor, and he helped his uncle cook meth to support the family. After numerous charges and several stints in juvie, Clayton was tried as an adult. Spending his formative teenage years in the american prison system, Clayton became a complete sociopath, and racked up several kills in prison before he turned 18. Clayton was finally released at the ripe age of 27, and due to his prison record, he was plucked up by a Storm Korps recruiter. Grissett took to the villainous life like it was his second nature. He rose through the ranks of the combat specialists, earning each and every promotion through copious bloodshed. Even for a Korpsman, he earned a history and reputation for cold bloodedness and brutal efficiency in combat. He eventually joined the ranks of the superhuman combat specialists, the Cape Killers, and he was commended by his Kommandants numerous times for his ability to “torch spandex”.

But Clayton wanted more. He didn’t just want the latest toys and tactics for fighting superhumans, he wanted REAL power. Given his position, the Amalgamated Science Divisions honored his request, and gave him carte blanche to go in for whatever power treatment he wanted and had the genetic background for. One in particular caught his eye, one that would make his bloodlust more literal. He was immediately transferred to Projeckt Nosferatu and underwent Dr. Prockofijiev’s genetic treatment.

With his transformation complete, he was assigned as a superhuman asset to a Korps base in New Los Angeles. He was smuggled into the city just in time for it to be quarantined and walled in. Emerging from his transport, he was hungry. And with no base resources to provide him a steady stream of food, he decided to feast upon his former comrades. This act branded him as a traitor to the Korps.

Grissett clashed with the New Los Angeles Sentinels several times, eventually being captured and sent to Twin Towers Correctional. He was one of several inmates transferred to Blanch Correctional for space reasons. Grissett escaped from Blanch Correctional during The White Incident.

Grissett was captured by The B-Team following a bloody murder spree conducted by Grissett as a ‘last gasp’ before what he believed to be his death. Hearing news of a Red Reaper coming to San Diego to eliminate various rogue Korpsmen, Grissett believed his days to be numbered.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Clayton Grissett

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