Metal Destroying Supervillain



Metal Corrosion: Corroder projects a form of bio-energy from his palms that corrodes metals, causing them to break down into dust. Corroder can use this power on anything he is grabbing, or he can project a large wave from his palms that indiscriminately corrodes any metals in its path.

Suppression Resistance: Corroder’s powers are difficult to take away with power suppression.




Corrosion Rifle: Corroder wields an energy rifle of Vanguard’s design, which collects and stores Corroder’s corrosion energies and projects it as a thin beam. This gives Corroder much finer accuracy at range, allowing him to hit specific targets or areas.


Genetic Butchery: The enhancement process Vanguard used to give Corroder his powers had several side effects. Corroder is physically deformed, his skin looking as if it partially melted in a fire, and his body is susceptible to assaults on his physiology, such as toxins, mutagens, or radiation.


Miles Carradine was a small-time thug working for the Cesare Mob when he was approached by the returned Vanguard. Vanguard was looking for new henchmen, to help him grow his new organization as he enacted his secret plan. In exchange for his servitude, Carradine was given a genetic enhancement procedure at Vanguard’s hand.

Carradine became Corroder, able to project energy from his hands that ate away at all forms of metal. Vanguard also fashioned Corroder a custom energy rifle that absorbed his bio-energies and projected them in a beam, giving Corroder better accuracy.

Corroder worked as a lackey for Vanguard until Vanguard abandoned his organization after getting the means to travel to a world where his plans had already succeeded. Corroder then became a villain-for-hire, trying to earn a living with his abilities.

Corroder was one of the supervillains hired by Boss Tong to protect himself after Ichiro Yamamoto put a bounty on his head. Corroder was hired away by The B-Team to help capture Boss Tong, and helped to take down Primal Man Of Metal.

STATUS: Active


The B-Team Heronator