Daniel Wide

Enhanced Raddik Cultist



Spiritbound (Former): Wide has a plate of cold iron surgically attached to his chest, which was used as a binding focus for a colony of spiders taken from Ai Apaec. Wide could summon these spiders as a controlled swarm.


Storm Korps Training: Wide has survived the ‘Hell year’ of Storm Korps basic training, giving him equivalent training to the special forces training of national militaries.


Cold Iron Plate: The cold iron plate used as a binding focus replaces part of Wide’s skeleton and chest cavity, making it difficult (if not impossible) to remove. Although it no longer holds any magic, it is still an ideal binding point, making it theoretically easy to bind magic to him in the future.




Daniel Wide was a Storm Korps soldier who went rogue with Kommandant Raddik when Raddik broke from the organization and formed his own cult of personality.

Wide volunteered for one of Raddik’s human enhancement trials, and has a plate of cold iron surgically fused to his chest. A swarm of spirit spiders were then bound to the plate, giving Wide control over them. Wide was defeated and arrested by The B-Team, and had his swarm unbound from him.

When Reaper-103 infiltrated Blanch to send a message to Black Skull, Wide was also killed for his betrayal of The Storm Korps.


Daniel Wide

The B-Team Heronator