Day Tripper

Hallucination Inducer



Trip Effect: Day Tripper can psionically alter the brain chemistry of anyone looking at her, activating the same portions of the brain that hallucinogenic drugs bind to. This generally causes confused and seemingly random behavior in the target, although with concentration she can create other effects with her power, forcing her targets to experience specific things, to feel specific things, or to bombard their senses with overwhelming and painful stimulation.






Physically Unintimidating: Day Tripper only has her psychic abilities. She has no superhuman defenses or resistances.

Sight-Based Powers: Day Tripper’s target must be able to see her for her powers to function. Her powers are also non-discriminatory, affecting everyone who is looking at her.


Darlene Allyn is a Trueborn Metahuman, born with her psychic abilities. After several incidents with her abilities as a young child, she received special training to learn how to control her manifestations. As she grew older, she learned how to profit from her powers, becoming a popular (although unskilled) DJ in the local club scene, augmenting her performances with her powers.

This ended up catching the attention of the Gnucci Mob, who paid Darlene a hefty sum to act as a ‘private stash’ for mafia parties and functions, allowing their guests to get blasted with none of the side effects. When one of these events was raided by the authorities, Darlene ended up in a superhuman prison.

With a record as a supervillain and having experienced the intense trauma of harsh imprisonment, she had few options after release but to become a professional supervillain-for-hire. Naming herself ‘Day Tripper’, she took to selling her hallucinatory abilities to the highest bidder.

She is one of several supervillains who were hired by a mysterious patron who turned out to be Der Gute Doktor. Day Tripper participated in a string of robberies targeting museums and government facilities before the hired team was confronted by The B-Team.

STAUTS: Imprisoned

Day Tripper

The B-Team Heronator