Force Projecting Arms Dealer



Kinetic Projection: Deeps is a Metahuman whose body can biologically generate blasts of kinetic energy from his hands. These blasts project as a kinetic pressure wave, affecting a wide arc in front of him. This form of projection deals little damage, and is instead more of a ‘push’ effect.


Businessman And Negotiator: Deeps has spent years buying and selling goods on the black market, and has excelled at his chosen profession.

Marksman: Deeps is extremely practiced using his force rifle, making him an expert marksman.


Force Rifle: Deeps uses a custom made super-tech kinetic rifle, designed to specifically augment his Metahuman abilities. Specialized grips in the handles are capable of absorbing the energy Deeps projects, and internal mechanisms channel and store that energy. The ‘muzzle’ of the energy rifle fires Deeps’ kinetic blast in an extremely tight band, rivaling the force output and penetration power of some of the most powerful ballistics weapons on the market.




Halvredo Popadopoulis began a life of crime early. Growing up in the Little Athens neighborhood of New Los Angeles, his uncle and cousins were part of an organized crime syndicate, and Halvredo began doing minor courier work for them.

When he was still in school, he discovered that he could produce force blasts. His uncle tried to take advantage of that at first, making him a leg-breaker. However, the unfocused and wide-beam nature of his powers made them unsuitable for use, and Halvredo instead continued doing courier work.

After a massive bust against his family’s organization by the feds, Halvredo was one of the few to escape prosecution. Looking for work, he joined up with the Warmongers, becoming a gun runner and ‘pitch man’. In addition, the Warmongers commissioned a rifle designed to channel his blasts with deadly precision, giving him the nickname ‘Deeps’, for ‘DPS’ or ‘Damage Per Second’.

After working with the Warmongers for a number of years, Deeps decided to go into business for himself. Using his existing network of contacts in the arms dealing community, Deeps moved to San Diego, outside the Warmongers’ sphere of influence, and has begun to create his own gunrunning network. Deeps works closely with his friend and business associate Voltaic, and often deals with Method Man. As Deeps’ business focuses on technological arms, he and El Azteca do not interfere with each others’ businesses, but he has run into occasional conflicts with local syndicate head Zurich, who is one of the primary operators of super-tech weaponry in San Diego.

Deeps was captured by The Defenders, and was imprisoned in Blanch Correctional. He was one of the villains who escaped during The White Incident.

STATUS: Active


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