Aquaphibian's Archnemesis



Aquatic Physiology: Devil-Ray’s genetic augmentations make him ideally suited to living and operating underwater.

  • Environmental Adaptation: Devil-Ray is physically adapted to life underwater, able to move in water unrestricted, and immune to environmental hazards like crushing ocean depths. He is also able to see, hear, and speak normally while underwater.
  • Amphibious: Devil-Ray is fully amphibious, able to breathe either water or air.
  • Rapid Swimming: Devil-Ray is able to swim at rapid speeds, easily outpacing all but the fastest boats.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Aquatic Enhancement: Devil-Ray possesses further enhanced strength and senses while underwater, and he heals at a faster rate.
  • Stinger: Devil-Ray’s stinger ‘tail’ is extremely sharp, and benefits from his superhuman strength, able to pierce most materials. The stinger also delivers a powerful venom which causes paralysis of the diaphragm.
  • Water Sense: Devil-Ray has ‘super scent’ while underwater, able to detect and analyze chemical changes in the water. He is also able to detect currents and motion in the water, tracking individuals by their movements.
  • Sharktooth Fist: Devil-Ray’s left fist is covered in sharp barbs that resemble shark teeth. These ‘teeth’ are able to rip even the strongest of materials to shreds.
  • Sharkskin: Devil-Ray’s skin is like that of a shark, covered in rough bumps that can cause tearing.
  • Eel Touch: Devil-Ray possesses organelles beneath his skin that allow him to deliver electric shocks by touch.
  • Flexible Structure: Cartilaginous structures in Devil-Ray allow him to ‘roll with the punch’, as well as granting him increased agility and flexibility.
  • Ink Cloud: While underwater, Devil-Ray can release a cloud of obscuring ink.
  • Water Jets: Devil-Ray possesses ventricles that allow him to suck in water and release it in high pressure sprays.

Limited Shapeshifting: Devil-Ray looks visibly monstrous, but he is able to shift himself back into his old human appearance (at the time he first gained his powers in his late 30’s). While in this form, Devil-Ray loses all of his powers based on his physical modifications, as well as most of his super strength and enhanced physical characteristics. He is still mildly enhanced in this form, however, and can still survive underwater.

Suppression Resistance: Devil-Ray’s genetic enhancements are difficult to drain or suppress with traditional power suppression methods.


Experienced Combatant: Devil-Ray was a hitman long before he became a supervillain, and has now been fighting with superhuman powers for two and a half decades. He is extremely experienced in how to fight, with or without weapons or superhuman abilities.

Pirate: Devil-Ray has been operating as a pirate for years, and he’s very good at it. He is well-versed and up-to-date on the global economy-by-sea, shipping lanes, commercial oceanic interests, and so on.


Supervillain’s Armory: Devil-Ray has accumulated a large stockpile of advanced technology and weapons through his operations as a powerful supervillain. He has submersible vehicles, underwater bases, and more. He typically outfits his henchmen (The Manta-Men) with replicas of his old gear; black armor made from advanced damage-resistant polymers as well as laser rifles designed to look like harpoon guns.


Pride: Devil-Ray is a sociopath who only thinks of himself, and he holds himself above everyone else.

Genetic Butchery: Devil-Ray has been heavily modified by multiple geneticists. He can suffer from strange ‘genetic allergies’ when exposed to genetically active substances.


Robert Cardy was a hitman for the Cesare mob for many years. He became a hitman almost by chance; he had served in the Army right out of high school in order to get on the GI Bill, but found himself flunking out of college. With so few skills that could earn him a living, Cardy became a hitman.

Cardy was the man who assassinated Artie Curry, an aide to Mayor Maureen O’Connor. Artie was also the father of Joseph Curry, AKA Aquaphibian. Aquaphibian’s crusade against smuggling had put a big dent into the profit margins of the Cesare family, who managed to discover the young hero’s secret identity. Cardy was hired to send a message; do not fuck with Nikolai Cesare.

After Cardy assassinated Artie Curry, Aquaphibian tracked him down. With the rest of Joseph’s family now in hiding, the young hero unleashed his anger on the assassin; Cardy was almost beaten to death, left a quadriplegic from Curry’s retaliation.

Cardy was found guilty for Artie’s murder, while Aquaphibian, now on government payroll and a poster child for hero registration, was effectively immune to legal ramifications. Cardy rotted in a prison hospital, wanting only one thing; make Aquaphibian pay.

Cardy’s prayers were answered. He received an anonymous offer through underground channels in the prison; undergo an experimental gene therapy program and, if he survived, he’d be released and given the opportunity to take his revenge, if he would do the occasional favor.

Cardy accepted the offer without a second thought, and bought-off prison officials took Cardy to an underground lab where he underwent a torturous series of physical enhancement treatments. When all was said and done, Cardy was tough, strong, fast, and able to swim and survive underwater. His mysterious benefactor offered Cardy powerful protective black armor and a ‘laser harpoon gun’ to complete his transformation, and Cardy became Devil-Ray.

Years later, Cardy discovered that that was the day he’d joined Metagroup. He was a ‘Noisemaker’; a superhuman operative looselt associated with Metagroup who had the job of creating noise and drawing attention when the organization needed eyes to be elsewhere. As Devil-Ray, Cardy repeatedly menaced Aquaphibian, and created mayhem at Metagroup’s behest whenever asked to though secret messages.

Devil-Ray’s career as a super-menace came to a temporary halt in 2001, when Aquaphibian finally managed to capture him. Devil-Ray served a short few years in prison before he got a new offer of clemency; this one official.

The US Navy needed superhuman support for naval operations in the Persian Gulf as a part of Iraqi Freedom. Devil-Ray found himself working side-by-side with his old nemesis Aquaphibian, the pair both serving with distinction.

Following this military stint, Devil-Ray was released. Upon his release, he discovered the truth about his ‘secret benefactors’, and received a second offer; greater power, and a greater place within the organization.

Devil-Ray underwent extensive genetic modification at the hands of Metagroup’s top geneticist, Dr. Teleios. The last of Devil-Ray’s humanity was carved away, his skin turning gray and clammy, his eyes black, and a ‘manta ray cloak’ growing from his shoulders and back. Various organs grew on him, ranting him a host of abilities native to aquatic creatures.

No stronger than ever, Devil-Ray wanted nothing more than to return to destroying Aquaphibian. However, he discovered that his nemesis had retired from field duty, instead taking a behind-the-scenes role.

Striking at the new team didn’t hold the same appeal to him, so Devil-Ray instead became a full-time pirate and smuggler. Operating in the Pacific with Metagroup’s approval, Devil-Ray helped smugglers in Pacific shipping lines, as well as conducting hit-and-run strikes and thefts against the US Navy and the Japanese.

Devil-Ray led a small armada of his Manta-Men henchmen into US waters, which was met by a Navy blockade aiding by The B-Team, as well as Agent Curry and his team. In the process of fighting Wavemaw, Devil-Ray revealed that he might be his father, having intentionally seduced Wavemaw’s mother after witnessing her and Curry getting close one evening. Devil-Ray’s forces were pushed back and many of his men were captured, but Devil-Ray himself escaped, and in the process of doing so kidnapped Admiral Stenson and his Nautilus armor.

STATUS: Active


The B-Team Heronator