Don Darko

Defictionalized Supervillain



Shadow Manipulation (Former): Before his shadows were ‘banished’, Don Darko possessed a ‘shadow skin’ covering him, that he could manipulate in various ways:

  • Shadow Shifting: Darko could manipulate his shadow form as a form of shapeshifting; he could create claws, quills, and other striking appendages, he could elongate his limbs, bend his body or open holes within it to dodge attacks, and so forth.
  • Shadow Portals: Darko could create portals of dark energy to teleport. These portals were only open for split seconds, just long enough for Darko himself to pass through, making it seem like he disappears.
  • Shadow Drain: Darko could use his shadows to sap life force, draining opponents of vitality.






Bright Lights (Former): When he had his powers, Darko was vulnerable to bright lights. While he could be exposed to sunlight or similar ‘diffuse’ lights, bright concentrated lights shone directly on him (such as a spotlight) would weaken him.


Don Darko was one of the primary antagonists on the 1960’s/1970’s cartoon show, “The Adventures Of Super Bolt”, which featured the fictional adventures of a fictionalized version of San Diego’s first (and at the time, only) superhero, Super Bolt. Don Darko was created for the purposes of the cartoon; a mafia don with shadow powers, whose “Shadow Syndicate” henchmen would constantly threaten Super Bolt with shadow-guns that by-passed censorship laws and over-the-top Edward G Robinson impressions.

Professor Chaos accidentally brought Super Bolt and Don Darko into the real world. Chaos had been hired by a software firm to create genetic algorithms that could create new cutting edge VR software. While watching “The Adventures Of Super Bolt” on Netflix, Chaos accidentally streamed the cartoon into the server farm, which then manifested physical versions of Super Bolt and Don Darko.

The B-Team fought these real-life cartoons, eventually finding a way to return them to the cartoon. However, when Don Darko was banished, only his ‘shadows’ went away; a human man was left behind wearing Darko’s fedora, trenchcoat, and mobster outfit.

This man does not show up in any records The B-Team could access. With no legal identity and possible culpability, this mystery man was arrested and sentenced to Blanch Correctional. ‘Don Darko’ has not given any information about his identity since his arrest. A post arrest medical examination seems to indicate that Darko is indeed human.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Don Darko

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