Fernando Zhang

Tattooed Gangster Mystic



Mystic Tattoos (Former): Zhang had numerous mystical tattoos inked onto his skin, which bound spirits from Diyu (the hell or realm of the dead in Chinese mythology) to his body, granting him mystical abilities by drawing upon those bound spirits.

  • Spirit Fire Projection: Zhang could project blasts of mystical ‘spirit fire’ that harmed a target’s mind rather than their body.
  • Mystical Shadow Projection: Zhang could project mystical ‘dark matter’ from himself to create fields of darkness or tentacles of solid shadow.
  • Bound Spirit Projection: Zhang could project the bound spirits, in whole or in part (such as only projecting mouths or claws) directly from his body as mystical force constructs.
  • Flight


Occultist: Zhang had some mild understanding of Chinese folk religion, mythology, and mystical traditions. Although he didn’t apply the tattoos himself, he did understand some of how they functioned and the mystical principles behind them.




Depowered: Zhang lost all of his mystical abilities when


Fernando Zhang is a member of the East Side Demons street gang. He’s increased his standing in the gang by studying the mystic arts and ‘persuading’ a local tattoo artist skilled in mysticism to give him mystical tattoos to grant him superpowers.

Zhang is good friends with Roman Jimenez, another East Side Demon. Together, they hatched a plot to take care of Paco Sanchez, a member of the Ghost Dragon gang who had been fooling around with Roman’s sister. Fernando and Roman attacked Paco’s crib under the guise of a typical gang shooting, the kind that would normally be ignored by the local police. While conducting this attack, the pair then also kidnapped Paco, to teach him a ‘lesson’. However, Roman was shot during the attack, leaving LPV positive blood at the crime scene. This eventually led to the involvement of The B-Team, who confronted and arrested both Fernando and Roman.

After his arrest, Zhang was skinned by the beings that live in the Down, at the behest of Downsider. In exchange for helping to track down Roman and Fernando, Downsider had agreed to get them Zhang’s “pelt”. Zhang almost died of blood loss on the way to the hospital, but was barely saved. He has been treated with extensive skin grafts, and imprisoned.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Fernando Zhang

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