Freedom Cobra

Reptilian Super-Soldier



Reptilian Super-Soldier: Freedom Cobra possesses both a reptilian physiology and super-soldier enhancements. It is unclear if both powersets are artificial, or if one was naturally occurring (possibly to a lesser degree and enhanced) and the other spliced in. Either way, his reptilian and super-soldier enhancements give him a number of physiological enhancements.

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Durability: Freedom Cobra is coated in armored snake-like scales, and his bodily tissues are enhanced to resist damage.
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Accelerated Healing Rate
  • Enhanced Senses: Not only does Freedom Cobra possess the enhanced sight and hearing common to many super-soldiers, but he also possesses a reptilian sense of smell.


Military Training: It’s unclear if Freedom Cobra ever served in a military, but he has the combat training and field skills appropriate to a well-rounded multi-decade military veteran.


Military Gear: Freedom Cobra’s armored costume is composed of military grade body armor, and his weapon of choice is an Army service M4 Carbine.


Delusional: Freedom Cobra is completely convinced that he is a field operative and assassin serving the US government, and believes that he receives clandestine orders to eliminate ‘enemies of the state’.


Freedom Cobra wears a black armored military-style outfit that covers his legs and torso, along with black gloves and black combat boots. He wears a body holster across his chest, and two flag-themed combat ceramic shoulder pads; one decorated with the red and white stripes, and the other blue with a single white star.Freedom Cobra has a snakelike (rather than humanlike) face, complete with large cobra hood. His scaled skin is of a green hue.

The man known as Freedom Cobra is an enigma. His past is not known; he simply seemed to show up out of the blue one day.

Some information has been gleaned from examinations of him in custody. He has definitely been the subject of scientific augmentation, although it is unknown by whom, and which (if any) of his genetic abilities were imparted to him wholesale, and which (if any) were previously present and subjected to enhancement. Brain scans and bloodwork also don’t indicate the presence of any physiological reason for his delusions and mental instability, meaning that they’re most likely experiential, the result of undergoing a traumatic experience.

After being arrested for his various ‘assassinations’, Freedom Cobra was sentenced to Blanch Correctional. He is one of several inmates there who were chosen by Mayor Daniel Mayweather to join his personal team, masquerading as a superhero. Freedom Cobra lept at the chance, the Mayor’s offer aligning perfectly with his delusions.

Freedom Cobra was instrumental during the White Incident, helping to rally much of the prison population in the fight against the undead. Sadly, Cobra lost his life during the conflict, ultimately succumbing to infection.

Due to his heroism during the White Incident, Freedom Cobra was given a posthumous presidential pardon for his various crimes. He was buried with honors in The Hall Of Heroes, the national superhero cemetery, at Fort Valhalla in Maryland.


Freedom Cobra

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