Gipper, The

Laser Drone Specialist





Engineer: The Gipper is a professional engineer, specializing in ballistics and conventional weapons technology.

Optics: Due to his heavy reliance on laser technology, The Gipper has become a self-taught optics engineer.

Programming: The Gipper is a competent computer programmer, focusing primarily on his drones.


Laser Drones: The Gipper uses a trio of hover drones equipped with laser weaponry. Visual data from the drones is fed into a visor, allowing The Gipper to see what his drones see. The visor also contains a though responsive uplink, allowing the drones to respond to The Gipper’s thoughts.

High-Tech Costume: The Gipper’s costume (styled after President Ronald Reagan) is embedded with forceweave microfibers, coating him in a protective force field.


Only Human: Underneath his equipment, The Gipper is an unpowered human.


Reginald Ronfeldt worked as a defense contractor until he helped organize several old college buddies together to rob a bank. Dressing up in rubber masks resembling various presidents, The Dead Presidents Gang was born.

It wasn’t long until the robbery crew needed to upgrade themselves in order to escape from superhuman law enforcement, at which point Milo Warren was recruited, providing the equipment to turn them all into supervillains.

Warren was also ultimately the gang’s undoing. When he was captured, he turned over state’s evidence, revealing the gang’s identities to the authorities. They had to become full-time supervillains in order to support themselves.

They were hired by their old comrade Tricky Dick for ‘one last job’, an attack on San Diego. The Dead Presidents were captured in this affair, and opted to work for the military in exchange for time served, getting sent on a black ops mission to Bangladesh.

He is one of several supervillains who were hired by a mysterious patron who turned out to be Der Gute Doktor. The Gipper participated in a string of robberies targeting museums and government facilities before the hired team was confronted by The B-Team.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Gipper, The

The B-Team Heronator