Hail Snail

Storm Summoning Annelid-Man



Winter Storm Projection: Even before he became a worm hybrid, Kweku was a Metahuman with an unusual power. He could create cold and winter storms; snow storms, hail, freezing rain, and the like. He can’t create other forms of weather, nor can he perform feats common to other weather manipulators (such as lightning projection, focused winds for flight or telekinesis, and so forth).

  • Weather Sense: As a part of his abilities, Kweku could sense the weather around him; impending weather changes, their origins, and so forth.
  • Hydrogenesis: As a function of his abilities, Kweku could move atoms on a molecular level to create water from the ambient atmosphere, rather than just relying on atmospheric water vapor. This allows him to use his storm powers in almost any environment

Worm Hybrid Physiology: Thanks to a strange concoction fed to him by the worm cult, Kweku metamorphosed into a full eldritch worm hybrid, even without any existing worm heritage. Unlike Der Gute Doktor’s vocal transformations, Hail Snail can’t be transformed back into a human by standard genetic means.



Air Force Training: Kweku was a fully trained pilot of the Ghana Air Force.




Wormsign: As an eldritch worm, Hail Snail is vulnerable to Wormsign, a specific configuration of arcane runes created from the ground remains of european earthworms.


Kweku Adarkwa was a pilot for the Ghanaian Air Force, trained in using his powers mid-flight to confuse enemy pilots. During one engagement, Kweku’s plane was shot down, and he crashed in the jungle.

Pulling himself from the wreckage and miles and miles away from any safe or friendly territory, Kweku tried to chart himself a path back to the airstrip he had launched from. Unfortunately for him, while navigating the jungle he encountered an enclave of cultists dedicated to The Nine-Tongued Worm.

Kweku fought off some of the cultists using his powers, but ultimately they overwhelmed him. Seeing his abilities in action, the cult decided to bring Kweku into the fold. For days, they kept him captive, feeding him a strange alchemical elixir that warped his body to more closely match the eldritch worm. Soon, Kweku was a human-worm hybrid, loyal to The Nine-Tongued Worm and its servants.

Hail Snail was one of many servants of the Nine-Tongued Worm gathered under Der Gute Doktor when he gathered his forces in San Diego. He, like the rest of the Doktor’s forces, were captured by The B-Team and their allies.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Hail Snail

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