Metamage With Arcane Flames



Arcane Fire: Born with the Metahuman ability to process magical energy and produce magical fire, Hellscorcher can create blasts of mystical fire in numerous shapes. His fire is capable of burning through most forms of protection and armor, and can be shaped into a variety of constructs. Hellscorcher can also shape his fire into any form he wishes, creating burning illusions of flame, multi-colored hypnotic flames, and more.

Metahuman Physiology: Hellscorcher has a limited amount of enhanced durability and healing, allowing him to better withstand superhuman combat and better recover from injuries.


Theology: Hellscorcher’s years of Catholic upbringing have instilled him with a working knowledge of Christian theology.




Chip On His Shoulder: Hellscorcher’s rough family life has left him with a huge chip on his shoulder, looking for excuses to lash out at others and frame himself as the victim.


Born into a very strict Catholic family, Hellscorcher’s gifts were seen as a curse from birth. He was told that he was a devil-child, and that evil tainted his very soul, and it would consume him unless he was to swear off his abilities forever. He was beaten, at home or by the nuns at his school, whenever his abilities manifested, even if involuntarily. By the time he was a young man, any thought of the decency or kindness of others had been forcibly beaten out of him.

Convinced that he was irredeemably evil, he decided to play the part.

“Society is a game I can’t ever hope to win. So I quit.”

He began his career with a bang in the Rodney King Riots. One of hundreds of empowered Angelenos who fought across the city and surrounding area, he quickly donned a mask and makeshift costume, and called himself Hellscorcher. Fighting with every ounce of power he could muster, Hellscorcher burned countless buildings to the ground in the chaos and fought and killed five different superhumans in one-on-one combat, including a telekinetic Metahuman who worked for the National Guard.

Once the dust settled, Hellscorcher realized the trouble he was in. He had no connections or friends in the criminal world, and he was wanted for his crimes during the Riots. He was desperate for someplace, anyplace, to flee for sanctuary.

Ursis, impressed with his brutality and his magical powers, offered him a place as a member of the Children of Judas, as one of his new Betrayers. Hellscorcher was more than willing to join up, after all, what better place for a damned soul than a pack of gangsters, satanists, and demon worshippers?

When Ursis wanted to expand the Children Of Judas into San Diego, he sent Cinderburn and Hellscorcher to do so. The pair succeeded at first, establishing a power base quite quickly, but they ultimately ran afoul of El Azteca. While Hellscorcher was spared by being put into the custody of The B-Team, Cinderburn was killed.

Hellscorcher was then recruited onto The B-Team to give the team some extra damage output and ‘firepower’. Hellscorcher reluctantly served, occasionally ‘going off the reservation’ in minor acts of insubordination whenever he could get away with it. Ultimately, he made a heroic sacrifice; when The B-Team had to infiltrate Worm-World, Hellscorcher held off the forces of The Nine-Tongued Worm so his teammates could return to Earth safely. The portal closed with Hellscorcher trapped on Worm-World, either killed or transformed into a horrible monster. For his sacrifice, he received a posthumous pardon.



The B-Team Heronator