Fire Witch



Fire Magic: Infierna was a talented sorceress who specialized in pyromancy. She could project and control flame in a myriad of ways.


Occultist: Infierna possessed some working knowledge of magic.




Spell Components: Infierna had to be able to gesture and speak in order to cast spells.


Infierna grew up in the foothills of Symkaria, a tiny and poverty-ridden nation in Eastern Europe bordering the Balkans. She grew up practicing magic as her ancestors had done, becoming quite skilled in binding elemental fire to her will. However, even her fire magic was not enough to protect her from war; when the Bosnian Conflict spilled into Symkaria, she was among many who fled to the United States.

In America, life was hard. She faced prejudice everywhere she went, and her cultural mystical traditions were viewed as something to be regulated; she was not allowed to freely practice the mystic arts, instead requiring MAGI oversight. After many years of living on the lower rungs of society, she decided that she had had enough. Styling herself after American super-villains, she donned fire-patterned wizard’s robes and became Infierna, a fire-slinging mystic villain, who robbed and stole in order to provide for herself and other Symkarian refugees.

Infierna was eventually captured, and her noble(ish) motivations marked her as a candidate for The B-Team. She served the team with distinction, and was killed in action while protecting the city against the planar incursion of The Nine-Tongued Worm.



The B-Team Heronator