Isaiah Brodey

Former Red-Cloaked Gunman



Mental Connection: Brodey’s mystical bargain with Darkdevil allowed he and his ‘master’ to communicate telepathically.


Hitman: Before becoming The Red-Cloaked Gunman, Brodey was a skilled hitman for the New York Mob. He became intimately familiar with gunplay and the killing arts during this time, and his skills only increased working for Darkdevil.


Devil’s Red Cloak: This mystical artifact, made by Darkdevil, grants the user several abilities:

  • Superhuman Agility: While wearing the cloak, the user became extremely nimble and agile.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: The cloak enhanced the wearer’s reaction time.
  • Enhanced Combat & Espionage Prowess: The cloak imparted the memories of previous bearers of the cloak during their tenure as Red-Cloaked Agents. This granted the wearer the ‘experience’ of every assassination, infiltration, and combat mission of all past Agents.
  • Protection & Deflection: The cloak actively protected its wearer, moving to shield them from harm. The defensive magicks in the cloak made it a very effective shield and protective garment.
  • Invisibility: The cloak could make it and its wearer invisible to both sight and to mystical senses.
  • Dimensional Travel: The cloak could be used to open a doorway into Darkdevil’s realm.

Devil’s Red Boots: These artifacts, made by Darkdevil, granted additional abilities to the wearer:

  • Air-Walking: The boots allowed the user to, ‘walk on air’, effectively flying at their normal running speed.
  • Cat-Walking: The boots could make its wearer’s steps (as well as any other incidental noise from their person, such as the movement of objects in a pocket) to be completely silent.
  • Long-Walking: The boots allowed the wearer to teleport anywhere within their line of sight.

Isaiah Brodey grew up in The Bronx, during its heyday in the 70’s as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Born to a working class family, Brodey got involved in organized crime from a very young age; it was just the way of the neighborhood. As a teenager, Brodey was running small courier jobs for the local mob; by the time he was graduating high school, he had become an adept drug dealer, pushing syndicate poison; and by the time most young men of his generation would be graduating from college, Brodey had racked up a double digit body count as a mafia hitman. Brodey worked his way up the ranks as far as he could, but there was a limit. Because he wasn’t ‘family’, Brodey could never be anything more than a weapon directed by others. He became increasingly despondent over his chosen lot in life, turning to the bottle to console him.

However, on one fateful night, Brodey got everything he wanted (much to his later disdain). Wandering home drunk, he was met by a pale man in a dark suit. The pale man asked him if he wanted to get revenge on those who he felt wronged by; if he’d like to move up in the world, and become someone powerful. Brodey, full of piss and whiskey, hastily agreed to the pale man’s bargain.

Brodey woke up the next morning dressed in strange garb. Wearing a hooded red cloak and stitched leather boots, Brodey found that he was now imbued with mystical powers. Taking his twin M1911’s, Brodey went on a rampage, slaughtering his way through the syndicate that had used him. What he did not realize, was that he had consigned himself. By sealing the pale man’s offer with the blood of his enemies, Brodey agreed to a mystical contract, making him the pale man’s plaything. Brodey discovered that the pale man had a name: Darkdevil.

Brodey served as The Red-Cloaked Gunman for several decades, popping in to serve as Darkdevil’s agent whenever the demonic bastard didn’t deign to act himself. This included working with The B-Team during the White Incident. However, following the White Incident, Brodey found himself replaced; with the regalia of his office rendered powerless, he was easy pickings for arrest. Abandoned by his master, Brodey rotted in Blanch Correctional.

When The B-Team put together the resources to kill Darkdevil, Brodey provided invaluable information on his former master, helping the team discover Darkdevil’s contingency plan and a way to circumvent it. However, Downsider considered Brodey to be a loose end, and after Brodey had given all the information he had, killed him against the Mayor’s order.


Isaiah Brodey

The B-Team Heronator