Jason Cragg

Populist Blowhard With Political Ambitions





Oratory: Jason Cragg is a skilled public speaker, able to sway crowds to his side or whip them into a fervor.

Image Handling: As a media personality and later a political figure, Cragg is skilled in maintaining a particular image and in effective marketing and persuasion techniques.




Non-Combatant: Jason Cragg has never thrown a punch in his life, much less been in a fight.


Jason Cragg was the long-time host of “Mountains And Molehills”, a political news, opinion, and punditry show popular in Southern California. From his San Diego studio, Cragg doled out his conservative/libertarian opinions on the various events of the day, Monday through Friday.

Cragg frequently attacked Mayor Daniel Mayweather, critical of his past as a supervillain and how it would affect his behavior in office. These opinions led to Cragg catching the attention of The Storm Korps. Wanting to get Mayweather out of office in order to disrupt the powerbase of Arachnid Prime, the Korps clandestinely backed Cragg’s bid for the Mayor’s office. During this same time, Cragg was approached by Darkdevil, and struck a deal with him; Darkdevil provided some of Cragg’s lackeys with superpowers, allowing Cragg to have the political clout of replacing The B-Team if he took office.

Not long after Cragg won the recall election, The B-Team discovered this plot (with Arachnid Prime’s aid), and exposed it, leading to Cragg’s arrest. He was originally sentenced to the Richard J Donovan Correctional Facility, but was transferred to Blanch Correctional when The B-Team needed to interrogate Cragg about any information he may have regarding Reaper-103.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Jason Cragg

The B-Team Heronator