Joey The Red

Mafioso Energy Brick



Bio-Energy Field: As a result of his activated AGM sequence, Joey’s Metahuman cellular structure produces vast excess quantities of bio-energy, which his body can harnass and direct to fuel a number of superhuman abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength: Joey is incredibly strong, able to tear through solid sheets of metamaterials (such as Meta-Steel or Synthium) like tissue paper.
  • Bio-Energy Blasts: Joey can project phasic (solid energy) bio-energy blasts from his hands, hitting with incredible force. Theoretically, Joey would be capable of projecting the energy from other locations (such as his chest or eyes), and in other forms (such as bursts of force centered around himself), but between Joey’s short time active as a super-villain ans his prison sentences, he has had very little time to practice and develop his powers, leaving his potential uses of this ability very limited.
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Force Field: In addition to his more durable physiology, Joey can produce a bio-energy force field from his skin. These two layers of defense allow Joey to withstand absolutely brutal amounts of physical punishment.
  • Flight: Joey can project phasic bio-energy in order to achieve lift.
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Accelerated Healing Rate


Combat Experience: Unlike many hard-hitting supervillains, Joey made his bones as an enforcer for years. He’s accumulated a couple decades worth of fighting skills and combat instinct as a syndicate street soldier, making him a much more skilled fighter than many other high-powered supervillains.




Easily Duped: While Joey is a capable fighter, he’s somewhat gullible; he’s more easily tricked and duped than other super-villains of comparable power, and thus a frequent and easy target of villainous manipulators. Similarly, Joey is not able to easily resist mind control or other superhuman influences.


Joey Rossitano was a leg-breaker for the Stromwell crime family, loyally serving the syndicate for years. This all came to a halt following the Stromwell Civil War, when young hotshot Don Arthur Stromwell took charge. Arthur attempted to pit the resources of his crime family against the superhero team The New Los Angeles Sentinels, a battle he would ultimately lose. After the superheroes dismantled most of his organization, in a fit of desperation for superhuman resources, Arthur began to chuck minions off of the roof in hopes that one of them would activate latent super-powers.

Joey Rossitano was that lucky minion. His AGM sequence activated, transforming him into a superhuman powerhouse; strong, tough, able to fly and project energy blasts. Dubbed ‘Joey The Red’, he was thrown into battle against the Sentinels. With his overwhelming firepower, Joey almost won their confrontation, but the Sentinels played Joey and Arthur off of each other, ultimately ending in both of their defeats (although not before Arthur managed to transform himself into a hideous mutant).

Joey The Red was initially imprisoned at The Twin Towers Penitentiary, and was one of the inmates who got transferred from Twin Towers to the new Blanch Correctional facility in San Diego due to over-crowding at Twin Towers. He was among the inmates at Blanch who helped fight against the undead forces during the White Incident, and then escaped afterwards.


Joey The Red

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