John Doe

Shapeshifter With Identity Issues



Malleable Form: John Doe is composed of a grayish organic semisolid that changes according to Doe’s mental commands.

  • Exotic Physiology: Doe’s cells are nondifferentiated; each of his cells is like all of his other cells. This makes him immune to effects targeting specific organs or parts of the body, including most toxins. Doe’s cells are also chemically nonreactive, making him immune to most acidic, basic, or corrosive effects.
  • Imitative Shapeshifting: Doe is able to alter the shape, color, and texture of his body, allowing him to look like anyone or anything. He is only limited by his skill in mimicking others, which is extremely limited due to his mental state.
  • Body Sculpting: Doe can alter the physical form of his body, allowing him to turn his hands into weapons, grow additional limbs, grow large wings, and so forth.
  • Regeneration: Doe’s cells regenerate at a prodigious rate, and given time he can regenerate his mass from only small traces of his ‘body’.
  • Fluid Form: Doe’s semisolid body and shapeshifting abilities allow him to move as if he was a fluid.
  • Reformation: Doe’s individual cells can naturally hone in on one another, allowing him to ‘pull himself together’ if his body has been dispersed.

Suppression Resistance: Doe’s exotic physiology makes it difficult, if not impossible, to drain or suppress his Metahuman abilities.






Dispersal: Doe’s cells stick together like a semi-solid, making him susceptible to being dispersed by being immersed in a fluid or hit with a fluid at high pressure.

Mass-Distributed Intellect: Doe’s intelligence is distributed evenly throughout his cells. If parts of his body become separated, he becomes less intelligent.


John Doe (real name unknown) is a psychologically-disturbed Metahuman who was once imprisoned in the Ashcroft Asylum for the Criminally Insane. John Doe doesn’t know his true identity, believes his super-powers to be a disease, and suffers from paranoid persecutory delusions, believing the world around him to be an elaborate production (such as a stage play or reality television show) designed to trick him.

Following the closing of Ashcroft due to its numerous human rights violations, John Doe was put into the regular superhuman prison system. Given the prison overpopulation at Twin Towers in New Los Angeles, John Doe was transferred to the newly opened Blanch Correctional prison in San Diego.

John Doe escaped from Blanch Correctional following the White Incident.

STATUS: Active

John Doe

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