Jonas Prem

Enhanced Raddik Cultist



Solar Absorption & Projection: The chloroplasts living in Prem’s cells give him the ability to absorb and project solar energy in the form of energy beams.


Storm Korps Training: Prem has survived the ‘Hell year’ of Storm Korps basic training, giving him equivalent training to the special forces training of national militaries.




Solar Dependency: Prem’s must absorb sunlight before using his abilities, and using them enough in a short enough period of time can drain his energy stores.


Jonas Prem was a Storm Korps soldier who went rogue with Kommandant Raddik when Raddik broke from the organization and formed his own cult of personality.

Prem volunteered for one of Raddik’s human enhancement trials, and was given a serum made from a mixture of the drug Smoke and from a slime produced by Vinespine’s plant (composed of a mixture of sap, enzymes, and chloroplasts) while the plant was metabolizing the Smoke drug. The serum bonded altered alien chloroplasts to Prem’s cells, granting him solar-based powers. Prem was defeated and arrested by The B-Team.

When Reaper-103 infiltrated Blanch to send a message to Black Skull, Prem was also killed for his betrayal of The Storm Korps.


Jonas Prem

The B-Team Heronator