Jonathan Davenport

Pharma-Entrepreneur Turned Cartel Chemist





Chemistry: Davenport is a skilled chemist.

Businessman: Davenport ran his own small tech firm, and is a competent businessman.


VB-A1A ‘Eagle’ Long-Range Blaster: Purchased through black market connections, Davenport uses a VB-A1A ‘Eagle’ Blaster, an energy rifle of Storm Korps design. The VB-A1A is a hybrid long range blaster weapon; longer range than a typical blaster rifle, but not quite as long range as a sniping blaster. Davenport has spent time at the firing range learning the ins and outs of this particular weapon.


Only Human: Davenport possesses no powers, and lacks any real defensive gear.


Jonathan Davenport was a successful science-entrepreneur; he founded the research firm DavenChem to push the envelope on pharmacological science in the marketplace.

This mandate ultimately led Davenport to begin illegally experimenting with Tesla technology. Looking to push the possibilities of pharmaceutical treatments, Davenport paid for access to Smoke, to experiment with its mutagenic properties. When Davenport’s dealings were uncovered by the authorities, he had nowhere to go but the criminal underworld, and ultimately ended up with the Smoke Cartel.

Davenport helped to oversee the creation of the drug, the head of the ‘chemistry’ side of the Cartel and reporting directly to Smoke (and later the Hyde Twins when they assumed control). Since Davenport was unwilling to take Smoke to defend himself against possible superhuman threats, two mercenaries were hired to be his bodyguards; Yvan and Chester. Despite the pair’s efforts, Davenport was shot and killed by Black Skull during a confrontation.


Jonathan Davenport

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