Julius Seizure

Seizure-Inducing Psion



Psionic Seizures: Julius is a limited biokinetic, able to mentally reach into the human nervous system and induce a seizure.

Nervous System Detection: Julius is mentally able to sense activity in human nervous systems; this allows him to sense whether a target is susceptible to his abilities or not, detect hidden foes, and gain a limited sense of what the state of their nervous system is (such as detecting broad emotional states, if they’re under the effects of certain drugs, etc)


Neurological Training: Julius has several advanced degrees in neurology, although he no longer has a medical license.




Glass Cannon: Although Julius’ psionic ability is formidable, he possesses little in the way of defenses.


Vito Marcellus grew up in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. The Marcellus family had ties to the Gnucci crime family that dominated the neighborhood, with Vito’s father Adriano working for the Gnucci’s as a hitman.

Adriano wanted better for his son. He wanted his boy to grow up and be somebody, not involved with the Gnucci family. So, when young Vito first showed his psionic power (making the hired nanny collapse in a twitching heap) Adriano raised his son to hide his ability, knowing that Ma Gnucci would try to recruit Vito if she knew.

Vito went on to graduate from UC San Diego with a degree in neurology, using aspects of his powers to help him monitor patients. Vito found some success in this career, but ultimately found it unfulfilling; he wanted to use his powers to a fuller extent, and wanted a life with more excitement; he hated the day-to-day drudgery of the medical profession, visiting with patients and filling out paperwork.

Vito ultimately got his wish, although not in the way he expected. One day, Vito received a mysterious anonymous offer through his email; a neurological specialist was needed ‘overseas’ for a patient with ‘special conditions’ that made treatment at a normal facility impossible. Utmost discretion would be required, but the pay would be extraordinary.

Deciding to take a chance, Vito accepted the offer, and discovered the identity of his mysterious new employer; Rhodmir Von Richter, leader of Metagroup! Vito was to diagnose and treat the Metagroup operative Bono Trask (a gadget-wielding supervillain who claims to be a time traveler from several centuries into the future) at a private hospital in the Etoile Isles. During the diagnosis and treatment, Von Richter realized that Vito was using Metahuman abilities to aid him.

After Trask had been diagnosed and a full treatment plan concocted, Von Richter made Vito another offer; he would stay on-staff at the hospital, and would receive additional training in the use of his psionic abilities. Vito would also be allowed to go into the field as a field operative if he so chose, for additional pay and benefits. Vito eagerly accepted the offer, taking the codename of ‘Julius Seizure’.

As Julius Seizure, he ended up getting arrested when he returned to his home city of San Diego. He was a part of a bank robbery, conducted with two other Metagroup operatives, Technoweb and Sonic Sabre, and ended up getting arrested by The B-Team

STATUS: Imprisoned

Julius Seizure

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