King Lizard

Compulsive Reptilian Cannibal



Reptilian Physiology: King Lizard is a Metahuman who possesses a reptile-like physiology, which grants him a number of superhuman abilities.

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Reptilian Senses: King Lizard possesses keener eyesight and olfactory senses than that of a normal human; he is able to see in the dark and in the infrared spectrum, and he is able to distinguish between individuals (and other small olfactory details) by scent alone.
  • Scaly Skin: King Lizard’s thick scaly skin helps to protect him from injury.
  • Regeneration: King Lizard possesses a reptilian factor, recovering from physical wounds in seconds or minutes, and able to regenerate entire limbs and organs.
  • Natural Weapons: King Lizard possesses sharp claws and a powerful muscular tail, and is proficient in their use.


Survival: King Lizard is an extremely adaptable survivor, able to forage for food and find livable shelter in most any environment.




Cold-Blooded: King Lizard’s reptilian physiology leaves him vulnerable to low temperatures. He’s not sensitive enough to be affected by instantaneous effects such as an ice blast, but extended exposure to low temperatures makes him slow and sluggish.

Reptilian Hearing: King Lizard does not possess an external ear and, like many reptiles, possesses a weak and dulled sense of hearing.

Cannibalistic Compulsions: King Lizard is extremely psychologically disturbed, and is afflicted with an irresistible compulsion to eat human flesh, including his own. This is not a physiological need or a result of his powers, but it is unknown exactly what caused his disturbed state.


King Lizard (real name unknown) is a psychologically-disturbed Metahuman who was once imprisoned in the Ashcroft Asylum for the Criminally Insane. King Lizard has an unresistable compulsion to consume human flesh; in times when he is unable to eat others, he will eat his own regenerating flesh.

Following the closing of Ashcroft due to its numerous human rights violations, King Lizard was put into the regular superhuman prison system. Given the prison overpopulation at Twin Towers in New Los Angeles, King Lizard was transferred to the newly opened Blanch Correctional prison in San Diego. King Lizard was one of many inmates to escape following the White Incident.

He is one of several supervillains who were hired by a mysterious patron who turned out to be Der Gute Doktor. King Lizard participated in a string of robberies targeting museums and government facilities before the hired team was confronted by The B-Team.

STATUS: Imprisoned

King Lizard

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