Kommandant Raddik

Ex-Korps Cult Leader



Innate Charisma: Raddik has a very strong personality, able to persuade those with lesser wills to his way of thinking. It is unknown if this is a superhuman ability, or simply a natural talent.


Escapology: Kommandant Raddik is well known for his seeming ability to escape from any situation. It has allowed him to escape prosecution by the authorities every time so far.

Storm Korps Training: Raddik has received Elite Korpsman training and rose to his rank from among the Intelligence ranks. He is skilled at espionage and spycraft.

Weapons Expert: For all of his oddness, flamboyantness, and mild insanity, Raddik is actually quite trained in the killing arts. He is able to expertly wield nearly any weapon he can get his hands on.


Arsenal And Resources: As the leader of The Cult Of Raddik, Raddik had access to military surplus and stolen Storm Korps equipment. Raddik himself uses styled Korpsman body armor and whatever weapon from the vault catches his fancy at the time; he has a preference for new or oddball designs, sometimes even willing to sacrifice some practicality if a weapon has enough “originality”.


Madman: Raddik does not act rationally to achieve his goals, and is hampered by delusions and megalomania.


Jaromir Raddik was the son of a member of the Czechoslovakian secret police (StB). Raddik’s father jumped ship to the Storm Korps when the StB was dissolved, and fled the country altogether when it split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Jaromir was primarily raised within the Korps, and became steeped in its culture. When he was old enough, he went through Hellyear himself, and managed to survive the Korps’ basic training regimen.

However, Raddik was different after Hellyear. While he had physically survived, mentally he had become severely warped, not able to mentally handle the stresses of Storm Korps Basic. He began to suffer from megalomaniacal delusions, and worse; some of his fellow Korpsmen became convinced of them as well, after spending enough time listening to him.

As his number of ‘followers’ grew, so did his rank. Like his father, Raddik went into Korps Intelligence, and after several years of service was named a Kommandant.

As Kommandant Raddik, Jaromir let his megalomania blossom to its fullest. Known as ‘The Mad Kommandant’, he created convoluted and complex schemes to best the forces of law and order, often drawing undue attention to the Korps.

Raddik eventually broke free from the Korps, and traveled to San Diego (a city relatively free of the Korps’ influence thanks to Arachnid Prime). Raddik set up The Cult Of Raddik, a cult of personality comprised of his followers from the Korps who left with him, and of other ex-Korpsmen who flocked to his banner.

Little did he know, Raddik’s break was actually a plan of the Korps. By secretly backing Raddik, the Korps drew a number of traitors to one location, kept an eye on them, and was able to use them as a disposable front to advance their own goals. Raddik’s plans primarily revolved around the creation of superhuman operatives, and he was used during the Korps’ plan to get Jason Cragg into office.

Following Cragg’s downfall, it was decided that Raddik had outlived his usefulness. Raddik and his organizatin were eliminated by Reaper-103.


Kommandant Raddik

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