Lightning Bug

Electrical Insect Supervillain



Insect Physiology: Lightning Bug’s physical insect-like mutations grant him a number of abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength: Lightning Bug’s insectlike muscle structure makes him as naturally strong as a very well-trained human.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: The combination of Lightning Bug’s altered nervous system and enhanced sensory capabilities give him superhuman reaction time.
  • Wings: A pair of insect wings sprout from Lightning Bug’s back, allowing him to fly.
  • Extra Limbs: Perry possesses a second set of fully functional forelimbs.
  • Insect Senses: Lightning Bug possesses compound eyes that grant him a much greater arc of vision (due to their placement, it’s not full 360 degree vision). His antennae also grant him an enhanced sense of smell, and allow him to detect vibrations and movement at a distance.
  • Wallcrawling: Lightning Bug is capable of scaling vertical surfaces like an insect.

Electrical Projection: Lightning Bug is able to project bolts of bioelectricity from his body. He can use these bolts to damage or to stun opponents.

Electrical Absorption: Lightning Bug is capable of absorbing electricity from outside sources to boost his powers. He must be in direct contact to do this.

Electro-Sense: Lightning Bug has the ability to detect electrical fields.

Suppression Resistance: It is difficult to rob Lightning Bug of his powers by way of power suppression. Most power suppression methods only rob him of his electrical abilities.






Overcharge: Lightning Bug’s energy absorption has an upper limit, and if this upper limit is reached the excess energy adversely affects his physiology, making him extremely unfocused and nauseated.


Lester Burg was a small-time drug dealer, selling meth bought secondhand from the Karnes Family. He was approached by the returned Vanguard, who was looking for new henchmen to help him grow his new organization as he enacted his secret plan. In exchange for his servitude, Burg was given a genetic enhancement procedure at Vanguard’s hand.

Burg became Lightning Bug, an insect man capable of projecting lightning.

Lightning Bug worked as a lackey for Vanguard until Vanguard abandoned his organization after getting the means to travel to a world where his plans had already succeeded. Lightning Bug then became a villain-for-hire, trying to earn a living with his abilities.

STATUS: Active

Lightning Bug

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