Protector Of Logan Heights



Squall Hybrid Physiology: Longtooth is a Human/Squall Hybrid, and as such possesses various powers that result from his alien heritage:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Regeneration
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Claws: Unlike a full Squall, Longtooth does not possess the armor deposits or bone spurs of a full Squall, but his fingers do end in clawed talons.

Hybrid Shapeshifting: Longtooth possesses the Squall ability to body sculpt, but it is not as powerful as in other Squall due to his human heritage. Longtooth’s cells are not as responsive to his thoughts, requiring more of his ‘focus’ to enact changes. As such, Longtooth doesn’t use his shapeshifting very creatively in combat; he has ‘memorized’ a handful of associated traits, switching between those as needed, and is less likely to make ‘on the fly’ changes’:

  • Armored Form: In this form, Longtooth grows additional muscle mass and thick armored plates, turning him into a melee bruiser.
  • Ripperclaw Form: In this form, Longtooth increases his speed, reflexes, and agility, and sharpens his claws, to turn himself into a whirlwind of claw attacks.
  • Stalking Predator Form: In this form, Longtooth gains chameleon-like camouflage and greatly enhances his senses, allowing him to stalk and track unnoticed.
  • Winged Talon Form: In this form, Longtooth grows talons on his feet and turns his arms into wings, while also altering his reflexes and eyesight, allowing him to move at great speed and make moving attacks like divebombs.
  • Cocoon Form: In this form, Longtooth encases himself in an armored cocoon and focuses his shapeshifting abilities on healing.

Human Appearance: Longtooth is able to morph such that he looks entirely human, losing his claws, red skin, and predatory frame. Doing so renders him as powerless as a normal human.




Squall Bombs: Due to his difficulty in shapeshifting in stressful situations, Longtooth has taken to shifting various chemical advantages (such as toxins, acid spit, projected adhesives, and so forth) while out of combat and storing the secretions in capsules and glass vials, creating the ‘squall bombs’ he can then throw in battle.


Active Shapeshifting: Changing forms is an act of conscious thought and will, mentally mapping out the new structure of his cells. As such, he must know enough about his own biology to know what to ‘make’, and things that disrupt his concentration or focus can disrupt his ability to alter his form.


Longtooth is the half-human son of Roh’Kar, born from one of the slaver’s dalliances with a human prostitute while working on Earth for The Black Circle. Longtooth, being born to a human mother, favors his human side over his Squall side.

Longtooth grew up in the Logan Heights neighborhood, where most alien residents of San Diego reside. Growing up in the town’s ‘alien ghetto’, he still isolated; as a human-alien hybrid, he felt like there wasn’t anywhere he truly belonged. This rough childhood led him to fall in with criminal and gang activity, as a way of finding a place to belong, and to act out against those who had harmed him.

He spent stints in and out of prison as a young adult on various gang-related charges. Eventually, as he began to master his shapeshifting, Longtooth was approached by The Black Circle. They had many uses for one such as him, and offered him excellent pay as an enforcer.

Longtooth accepted, and ended up working with his father, Roh’Kar, for his first job. Neither knew of the relation to the other at first, and were tasked as debt collectors, putting the hurt to various alien residents who owed money to The Black Circle. Many of these people were refugees who had paid extortionist sums to the Black Circle in order to get them to safe haven on Earth. Longtooth felt horrible about the work, seeing these innocent people harmed.

While working, Roh’Kar recounted a story to his ‘new partner’ about how he’d sired a hybrid bastard on Earth and abandoned him. Hearing his father speak so heartlessly about him, and describe his mother like a piece of meat, was Longtooth’s last straw. He brawled with his father, and quit the Black Circle.

Longtooth decided to make amends for his past actions by protecting his neighborhood. Knowing that traditional law enforcement and the city’s superheroes did little for the alien residents of Logan Heights, Longtooth became a neighborhood vigilante, protecting those who could not protect themselves, while fighting off the occasional freelancer who came to collect the Black Circle’s bounty on his head.

STATUS: Active


The B-Team Heronator