Magister Brelish

Local MAGI Head



Minor Spellcaster: Magister Brelish is able to cast a handful of low difficulty spells.


Occultist: Magister Brelish is a skilled occultist, extremely well-versed in a variety of mystical lore from a number of traditions.


Minor Talismans: Magister Brelish carries several minor talismans of protection and warding.




Magister Reginald Brelish is the Head Magister of the San Diego branch of MAGI. He is a minor wizard who has worked within MAGI for decades, and has become extremely proficient in mystical lore, managerial techniques, and government bureaucracy.

Magister Brelish frequently consults with The B-Team at the Mayor’s request, aiding them in magical matters when necessary.

Magister Brelish was one of the many members of MAGI who perished when the MAGI building in San Diego was attacked by Kaliel.

Magister Brelish

The B-Team Heronator