Hydro-Morph Jobber



Marshy Metamorph: Marshfellow is able to transform his body into a foul mass of swamp water. This transformation grants him a number of abilities.

  • Fluid Form: Marshfellow is able to become a fluid, allowing him to flow around or through many physical barriers and travel through pipes.
  • Fluid Sculpting: Marshfellow can ‘hold’ his fluid in a specific shape. He uses this almost exclusively to turn his fists into weapons or to elongate his limbs.
  • Partial Transformation: Marshfellow is able to transform only part of his body into a fluid, leaving the rest ‘normal’.
  • Pressure Spray: Marshfellow is able to ‘pressurize’ his fluids, to fire them like a fire hose.
  • Engulf: Marshfellow can engulf an opponent, holding them in his form to poison and drown them.
  • Exotic Physiology: While in his fluid form, Marshfellow doesn’t have a regular biology, and is immune to most biological concerns.
  • Absorption and Growth: Marshfellow is able to absorb ‘polluted’ fluids to increase his mass. Exactly what is ‘polluted’ varies, as this limit is the result of Marshfellow’s stupidity rather than a hard limit on his abilities. Theoretically, Marshfellow is capable of absorbing almost any liquid.
  • Reformation: When Marshfellow returns to his human form, he returns to it in a ‘default’ state, losing any wounds or physical alterations his body may have accumulated.

Suppression Resistance: Marshfellow possesses natural resistance to power suppression, making it difficult to rob him of his abilities.






Fluid Physics: Although Marshfellow can control his surface tension, his fluid otherwise is subject to forces liquids are subject to. For example, he can be frozen, solidified (if, say, mixed with concrete), evaporated, etc.

Endocrine Non-Immunity: While in his fluid form, Marshfellow still has something of a working hormone/endocrine system, which can be chemically affected by what he absorbs. He’s generally immune to poisons and toxins, but isn’t necessarily immune from select pharmaceuticals.

Big Reach, Small Mind: Marshfellow isn’t able to apply his powers to their full effectiveness due to his own short-sightedness and stupidity. For example, it would be theoretically possible for Marshfellow to ‘absorb’ (properly, fuse with) the global oceanic system, and thus have control over every ocean on Earth. However, such a possibility would never occur to him.


Marshfellow always looks to be wearing the same clothing; an ill-fitting secondhand suit. These were the clothes he was ‘killed’ in, and are actually formed from his body as a part of his metamorphic abilities.

Morris Baker was always a small time con. He trucked with the lowest of the low on the criminal totem pole, barely scraping by with petty theft and extremely small-time fraud.

However, Baker’s meager luck ran out the day he crossed the Gnucci Family. Baker won’t say exactly what he did to earn the wrath of Ma Gnucci, but it was enough for her to order her boys to drag him out to Sweetwater Marsh for a ‘chat’.

Baker had his hands and feet tied up, and a bag pulled over his head. He was given a quick hit on the head with the butt of a gun, and tossed into the mud to drown. However, that would not be how Baker’s story ended.

His dormant AGM sequence flared to life, saving his through drastic mutation. His body absorbed the material around him, the mud and brackish water, turning him into a being of pure muck.

Deciding to become a supervillain with his newfound powers, Baker became ‘Marshfellow’, and embarked on a small-time career of theft, bank robbery, and the occasional mercenary gig. Despite the powerful implications of his abilities, Marshfellow is too dim to fully leverage them to villainous greatness.

Mashfellow was confronted by The B-Team for various outstanding warrants. He rampaged, absorbing a lot of mass from the city sewer system to turn into a multi-story tall monster. The B-Team tricked him into entering the city’s water treatment plant, which separated him into solid waste (which was incinerated) and ‘clean’ water, which was dumped into the Bay. It remains to be seen if Marshfellow is dead, or if he will reform in time.



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