Metahuman Vehicle Modder



Diesel Tesla: Motorhead has a Tesla bent towards diesel and diesel-powered technology. He primarily uses this to create Tesla-enhanced vehicles.


Driver: Motorhead is an extremely skilled driver, able to drive most any kind of car in almost any road conditions.


Gatling Pistols: Motorhead uses a pair of diesel-powered gatling pistols, Tesla tech of his own design, as his primary means of attack.


Tesla Madness: Like many Teslas, Motorhead is easily distractable when presented with something relevant to his bent.


Motorhead has long dark hair that he rarely washes, causing the strands to clump together into something akin to greasy dreadlocks. He wears a sleeveless leather vest with no undershirt, heavy pants, and big punk-style combat boots. He is frequently seen wearing a pair of welder’s goggles on his forehead.

Mitch Crawford is the leader of the eponymous Motorheads gang, and operates the gang in City Heights. Motorhead is a Tesla who primarily uses his abilities to modify vehicles; the gang participates and operates a number of illegal street races, in addition to their drug dealing.

STATUS: Active


The B-Team Heronator