Oberst Samuel Miller

Storm Korps Juggernaut



Bio-Enhancements: Oberst Miller has undergone a series of surgeries to have modified cloned organs implanted into his body. These implants grant him a number of abilities.

  • Musculature Enhancements: Additional muscle fibers grafted onto the major muscle groups grant Miller greater-than-human strength.
  • Dermal Armor: Inorganic inserts beneath Miller’s skin grant him additional durability and damage resistance.
  • Organ Enhancements: Miller’s heart, lungs, and other vital organs have been enhanced to support his body’s additional biological needs.
  • Burnt Nerves: Many of Miller’s nerve endings have been cut, making him incredibly resistant to pain.
  • Voluntary Endocrine Control: Miller’s endocrine system has been altered to give him voluntary control over it. This allows him to do things like flood his body with adrenaline on command.


Storm Korps Combat Training: Oberst Miller has received elite combat training from the Storm Korps. He is an incredibly skilled fighter, able to combine his powers, environment, and weapons training into a dangerous cohesive whole.


Storm Korps Equipment:: As a Korpsman officer, Miller has access to Storm Korps weapons, armor, and other equipment.


Normal Bones: Among his various enhancements, Miller’s bones never received any enhancement. This makes Miller more vulnerable than normal to hurting himself by overexertion.


Oberst Samuel Miller was an elite combat agent within the Storm Korps who volunteered for a series of experimental enhancement surgeries. Miller was among the survivors of the procedure, who were all transferred into Dragon Branch, the Storm Korps’ superhuman division. Miller served within the Korps with distinction, and was transferred to San Diego to provide superhuman combat support to Kommandant Sprunger.

Miller was captured during the B-Team’s campaign against Sprunger. After a brief stay in Blanch Correctional, he was transferred to a federal facility designed to incarcerate members of the Korps.


Oberst Samuel Miller

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