Ohio Gangster, The

Backstabbing Tech Villain





Smuggler: The Ohio Gangster is a skilled smuggler and black marketeer.


Presidential Rings: The Ohio Gangster wields a pair of rings embedded with force projection micro-circuitry, allowing him to create force blasts in various shapes.

High-Tech Costume: The Ohio Gangster’s costume (styled after President Warren G Harding) is embedded with forceweave microfibers, coating him in a protective force field. It’s also embedded with teleportation circuits, allowing him to make short range teleports.


Self-Interested: Ohio Gangster is self-interested to a fault, imperiling allies even in situations where taking small setbacks himself would be more tactically beneficial.

Only Human: Underneath his equipment, Ohio Gangster is an unpowered human.


Milo Warren was a high-tech arms dealer who joined the original Dead Presidents Gang. He betrayed the others after getting captured, turning in state’s evidence and revealing the identities of his accomplices. After serving his sentence, he became an independent super-villain, pulling various jobs until he was once again captured. He did a stint of military service in exchange for time served, and ended up working with his old ‘friends’ in a black ops mission in Bangladesh.

He is one of several supervillains who were hired by a mysterious patron who turned out to be Der Gute Doktor. The Ohio Gangster participated in a string of robberies targeting museums and government facilities before the hired team was confronted by The B-Team.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Ohio Gangster, The

The B-Team Heronator