Perry Planet

Cockroach Criminal



Cockroach Physiology: All of Perry Planet’s superhuman abilities stem from his physical Cockroach-based mutations.

  • Enhanced Strength: Perry’s insectlike muscle structure makes him as naturally strong as a very well-trained human.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: The combination of Perry’s altered nervous system and enhanced sensory capabilities give him superhuman reaction time.
  • Armor Plating: Perry’s chitinous shell has the protective qualities of advanced polymer body armor.
  • Wings: A pair of insect wings sprout from underneath Perry’s shell. He is not capable of sustained flight, but his wings can carry him aloft in short bursts of movement or to glide.
  • Extra Limbs: Perry possesses a second set of fully functional forelimbs.
  • Insect Senses: Perry possesses antennae that grant him an enhanced sense of smell, and allow him to detect vibrations and movement at a distance.
  • Noxious Projection: Perry is capable of venting a foul smelling, nauseating gas from a series of ventricles on his body. After he has released this gas, it takes time (at least several hours) to build back up and be ready for use again.
  • Cockroach Control: Perry is able to command cockroaches to do his bidding. This ability extends to enhanced cockroaches, such as his own bodyguard roaches (see SKILLS below) or the super-insects of Professor Annelid. Perry cannot ‘see’ through the eyes of his roaches, only give commands. It is unknown if this is a pheromone-based or psionic-based ability.
  • Wallcrawling: Perry is capable of scaling vertical surfaces like an insect.

Suppression Resistance: Perry does not lose all of his abilities when subject to genetic/power suppression. He loses his enhanced strength and reflexes and his cockroach control whille under power suppression, and his body does not produce noxious gasses. He still retains his enhanced senses and wallcrawling, and still has the physical form of a cockroach hybrid (meaning he retains his additional limbs, wings/flight, and armored plating).


Roach Breeding: Through a combination of exotic animal handling techniques, a special diet, and Metahuman influence from his powers, Perry is able to breed, raise, and train loyal oversized cockroaches (1-1.5 feet long). While capable of harming normal people, these roaches usually aren’t tough enough to be useful in superhuman combat. However, they are a useful distraction, and are capable of acting as thieves and couriers.

Acting: Before his transformation, Perry Planet was an accomplished stage actor.




Cold-Blooded: Like a cockroach, Perry Planet is cold-blooded. While this does not make him more vulnerable to fast-reverting, temporary temperature changes (such as superhuman ice powers), if in a cold environment he will become sluggish.

Light Sensitivity: Perry Planet is sensitive to bright lights (those brighter or more intense than a sunny day). These disorient him, and cause insect ‘instincts’ to kick in to flee.

Chemical Sensitivity: Perry Planet is vulnerable to insecticides and similar substances, feeling the effects of them at much lower doses than a normal human would.

Reduced Manual Dexterity: Perry Planet’s arms end not in proper hands, but in three-appendaged hooks. Because of these malformed ‘hands’, he often has difficulty manipulating small objects or handling things; it is a challenge for him to, say, turn a door knob, or fire a gun.


Perry Planet does not wear clothes.

James Benton was a semi-struggling actor with big dreams. An actor of the stage who worked in stage productions across southern California, Benton made a modestly successful living off of his work; his good looks turned heads, but he never neglected his craft either. Benton longed for the day that he might become a big name in theatre, working on Broadway or for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

However, this was not to be. Unbeknownst to him, Benton possessed a dormant SURGE sequence; a potentially harmful mutation ready to activate at any potential physiological trigger. Benton’s sequence remained undisturbed for twenty-odd years, until one fateful night during a cast party, when Benton was offered a bump of cocaine.

The drug ended up pulling the genetic trigger. Or, rather, the boric acid the coke was cut with. Benton felt awful all night, and after returning home, he devoured every tiny scrap of food in his apartment, before curling up in his bed.

He slept for days, missing appointments, auditions, and phone calls. His body began to cocoon itself in chitin, a shell creeping over his form. When Benton woke up and emerged from his carapace shell, he was a horrible insectile monstrosity.

Benton almost went mad on the spot. He held himself together long enough to figure out exactly what had happened to him, and that a cure wasn’t available to him.

Benton then decided to kill himself; with his career gone, he didn’t find life worth living. He went to the Sixth Street Viaduct in New Los Angeles, and climbed the bridge with intent to jump.

Only a chance encounter saved his life. Before he could jump, he met Scareodile. The crocodile man, seeing a kindred soul, talked Benton down, and brought Benton to a super-villain bar for a beer. If nothing else, it would be one last drink.

Benton was astonished when he saw that no one in the bar gave him a second glance. In the world of villains and mercenaries, he wasn’t so out of place! Scareodile convinced Benton to join forces with him; with their combined powers (and mutual immunity to each other’s chemicals), they’d make a great team! Benton agreed, and took the super-villain code name of Perry Planet (after the genus of the common cockroach, Periplaneta).

Scareodile and Perry Planet worked as a criminal duo for years. Recently, while robbing a bank in San Diego, Perry was wounded in a shootout with the San Diego PD. Perry was taken into custody, and Scareodile held Police Commissioner Thorton hostage, threatening to kill him if his friend didn’t pull through. Perry survived, and Scareodile surrendered himself into police custody. Both men are now imprisoned in Blanch Correctional.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Perry Planet

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