Preacher Leecher

Homeless Worm Preacher



Worm Hybrid Physiology: Thanks to a strange concoction fed to him by the worm cult, Preacher Leecher metamorphosed into a full eldritch worm hybrid, even without any existing worm heritage. Unlike Der Gute Doktor’s vocal transformations, he can’t be transformed back into a human by standard genetic means.

Drain Fluids: As a part of his new hybrid physiology, Preacher Leecher has sucker mouths in the palms of his hands. If he bites an opponent with one of these suckers, he can drain an opponent of their vital fluids, weakening them while empowering himself.



Charismatic Speaker: Despite his appearance and madness, Preacher Leecher is a skilled orator.




Wormsign: As an eldritch worm, Hail Snail is vulnerable to Wormsign, a specific configuration of arcane runes created from the ground remains of european earthworms.

Delusions: Preacher Leecher is madder than most worm cultists, having been delusional even before his transformation. He views the Nine-Tongued Worm as “Jesus Christ, The Grand Earthworm”.


Preacher Leecher was an unknown homeless man, who was turned into a fervant ‘preacher’ of the way of the Worm. He was transformed into a worm hybrid by Esteban Flores, the Worm Alchemist in his plot to establish a foothold of the cult of the Worm in San Diego. Preacher Leecher was captured by The B-Team and imprisoned in Blanch Correctional, but was ultimately let out, traded to Der Gute Doktor in a prisoner exchange.

Der Gute Doktor used Preacher Leecher as a superhuman combatant and foot-soldier during his attempt to create a planar conjunction. Preacher Leecher, like the rest of the Doktor’s followers, was defeated and captured by The B-Team.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Preacher Leecher

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