Primal Man Of Fire

Triad Fire Projector



Mystical Fire Projection: Primal Man Of Fire can project magical flames. He can project fire in multiple forms (small bolts, larger blasts, exploding fireballs, cones of flame, an omnidirectional burst, etc) and for various purposes (fast disappating flames that harm, lingering flames to start fires, flames that vaporize incoming projectiles, etc).

Mystical Protection: Primal Man Of Fire’s powers make him generally tough and fast, resistant to harm and capable of engaging in superhuman combat.






Extinguishing: Despite his fire being magical in origin, his flames are no more difficult to extinguish with water-or-ice-based powers than other superhumans.


Xiang Shui is a lifelong member of the Triads. He emigrated to the United States to serve Boss Tong as a part of the Triad hierarchy.

Shui’s fire powers were granted to him by Triad mystics in China, who inscribed him with magical tattoos that bound a powerful Yaoguai (a type of malevolent spirit in Chinese mythology roughly analogous to a Japanese Yokai or a Western Demon) who held sway over the element of Fire

Shui encountered The B-Team when they confronted Boss Tong and was arrested along with other members of the Triads. He has been incarcerated in Blanch Correctional.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Primal Man Of Fire

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