Red Jack

Vampiric Power Mimic



Blood Drain: Red Jack’s fangs allow him to drain blood from his victims.

Olfactory Genetic Analysis: Red Jack’s olfactory senses have a limited capacity to analyze DNA, allowing him to detect individuals with genetic super-powers by scent.

Genetic Mimic: Red Jack’s primary power is the ability to mimic any genetic superhuman powers possessed by those whose blood he has drained (or otherwise consumed a genetic sample of sufficient quantity). He can mimic multiple abilities at once, and retains them for an unknown period of time (presumed indefinite). If he has any upper limit to the number of subjects he can mimic, it is unknown. Unlike many mimics, if Red Jack absorbs the same ability from multiple subjects, they stack to a limited degree, rather than the more potent ability superceding the weaker one. When Red Jack is subject to power nullification or genetic suppression, his ‘memory’ of abilities is wiped clean.

Suppression Resistance: Red Jack retains some of his abilities while under genetic suppression; specifically, he retains his fangs and his ability to ‘sniff out’ genetic abilities.


John “Red Jack” Czenik is a former medical technician for Cedar-Sinai Hospital, frequently working in the department of Metahuman Medicine. On the job, he was exposed to an unstable mutagen. The exposure has induced permanent mutation in Czenik, turning him into a predator who preys on his own kind. His canine teeth have become retractable fangs, allow­ing him to bite and drink blood from his victims. He does so not for nourishment-indeed, apart from his powers, Czenik retains normal human needs for food, water, sleep, and oxygen. Instead, his body is now highly adaptive, capable of analyzing genetic samples from other superhumans and mimicking their abilities. Moreover, his own cells retain a “memory” of the DNA he has ingested, so he can build up a considerable “library” of genetic super-powers.

As a part of both the biological mutations and the neurological/psychological changes brought on by the mutagen, Red Jack has a very strong desire to use his powers, to hunt down those with genetic super-powers and add them to his repertoire. He can even smell them when he is nearby, although this is quite dulled, and cannot distinguish what powers they may possess; it only lets him know whether an individual in close range to him possesses any genetic super-powers.

Czenik initially tried to resist his urges, but broke down and gave in, becoming a superhuman serial killer. He was captured, and incarcerated in Twin Towers. Czenik was one of the inmates transferred to Blanch Correctional when it opened.

After the White Incident, Red Jack escaped and was captured by the Smoke Cartel. He was smuggled to Santo Domingo, where his blood was harvested to make Smoke that the cartel could use to track down other superhumans. When the operation was shut down by The B-Team, Red Jack was returned to Blanch Correctional.

STATUS: Imprisoned

Red Jack

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