Squall Slaver



Squall Baseline Physiology: As a Squall, Roh’Kar is naturally stronger, faster, and tougher than a human, and possesses sharper senses (including olfactory).

Claws & Armor: As a Squall, Roh’Kar possesses claws and bone spurs, as well as some bony armored plates, at several points across his body.

Tail: Like all Squall, Roh’Kar possesses a tail.

Squall Body Sculpting: Like all Squall, Roh’Kar possesses the ability to alter his physical form, changing his limbs, organs, and cell structure. Roh’Kar is relatively unskilled in using his body sculpting abilities; he can make some basic alterations, changing his strength, speed, skin density, or giving himself basic alterations such as wings or gills, but many more advanced alterations (such as chemical glands or bone projectiles) are too advanced for him.


Smuggler: Roh’Kar has spent years as a smuggler and slaver, and is extremely skilled at this job.

Weapons Familiarity: Roh’Kar tends to rely on weapons instead of his innate abilities. As such, he’s familiar with a wide variety of alien weaponry.


Weapons: Roh’Kar owns various pieces of alien weaponry.


Active Shapeshifting: Changing forms is an act of conscious thought and will, mentally mapping out the new structure of his cells. As such, he must know enough about his own biology to know what to ‘make’, and things that disrupt his concentration or focus can disrupt his ability to alter his form.


Roh’Kar is a Squall smuggler and slaver who hails from Arckillian space. Growing up on away from most of his people on an off-world colony, Roh’Kar turned towards criminal enterprise to give himself a better life. It began with smuggling weapons and technology, but he soon discovered that his home world, Squallen-Prime, was a treasure trove of ‘goods’ valued by the rest of the galaxy. Plants and animals native to Squallen-Prime were highly prized elsewhere for their viciousness; Roh’Kar discovered that this even extended to the Squall themselves, who were valued by others as slave-fighters.

Roh’Kar’s profession eventually led him to cross paths with The Black Circle, with whom he joined up. Roh’Kar’s Black Circle connections greatly expanded the reach of his business, eventually taking him to Earth. Roh’Kar repeatedly visited Earth, even spawning a hybrid son Longtooth with a human prostitute.

One of Roh’Kar’s Earth-based ventures for the Black Circle had him selling Squallen-Prime native animals to an underground fighting ring in San Diego. The B-Team discovered this operation, and arrested Roh’Kar.

STATUS: Imprisoned


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