Pterosaur Vigilante



Saurial Physiology: Saurial possesses many physical mutations that make him resemble a pterosaur.

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Regeneration
  • Enhanced Eyesight
  • Talons: Saurial’s fingertips and toes end in razor-sharp talons, and he is skilled in the use of either as his primary weapon.
  • Wings: Bone Structures on Saurial’s arms form Pterosaur-like wings. Saurial can generate enough lift with his enhanced strength to fly and is skilled and proficient at fighting while in flight, both against ground targets and other flying opponents. When on the ground, his wings flatten against his arms and partially fold, allowing for relatively-unrestricted range of motion.
  • Leathery Skin: Saurial’s hide is thick, scaled, and leathery, offering him some additional resistance to attack.

Hypnotic Gaze: Through unknown means, Saurial is able to hypnotize opponents. By concentrating on a single opponent, maintaining eye contact, and swaying like a serpent, Saurial can put an opponent into a susceptible, hypnotic trance. This trance only allows for limited commands, such as having foes move towards something, stay put, pull a lever, etc. and the effects wear off once the trance is broken. Exactly how Saurial achieves this is unknown; it may be a psychic ability, an induced super-power, or a dormant Metahuman ability unlocked from the procedure. The ability, whatever it is, appears to be limited in its targets; it has only been shown to affect sapient mammals. Those with significantly non-mammalian biology, even if still technically mammals, such as certain Morro users, non-hominid aliens, less-mammalian aliens of hominid ancestry such as Ssynestrans, certain SURGE victims, etc. are immune.

Energy Absorption & Projection: Saurial has the ability to absorb energy attacks directed at him, and project that energy as blasts of bio-energy.

Suppression Resistance: Saurial only loses his energy absorption & projection and his hypnotic gaze when under the effects of genetic suppression.


Intimidating Presence: Under the tutelage of The Revenant, Saurial has become quite skilled in scaring his foes. Through a combination of body positioning and presence, psychology, and explotation of his monstrous appearance, Saurial is able ti invoke fear in many opponents. Experienced superhumans tend to be more resistant, but Saurial can leave some of them shaking in their boots as well.




Cramped Spaces: Saurial’s fighting style directly incorporates his flight capabilities, limiting his ability to fight when confined to tight spaces where he cannot swoop or divebomb.


Frank Terrier was a cabbie in Southern California, who suffered an abusive childhood. When he manifested his energy projection abilities as a young child, his father tried to beat the ‘demons’ out of him. As a result, Frank repressed all memory of his Metahuman abilities.

However, his abilities weren’t unnoticed by everyone. Frank became a target of Doctor Bernardino Demogaard, a mad scientist working with dinosaur DNA. Wishing to experiment on a significant Metahuman, Dr. Demogaard kidnapped Frank and spliced his genome with that of several pterosaur species.

During the experiments, Dr. Demogaard’s lair was invaded by The Revenant, New LA’s murderous vigilante. Although Dr. Demogaard escaped in the chaos, Frank (now calling himself Saurial) became a disciple of The Revenant.

Saurial served in The Revenant’s crusade faithfully, and was captured alongside The Revenant by the New Los Angeles Sentinels.

Facing overcrowding at the Twin Towers Penitentiary, Saurial was one of several inmates transferred to Blanch Correctional.

STATUS: Imprisoned


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