Crocodilian Criminal



Crocodilian Physiology: Scareodile’s body resembles that of a crocidilian in many ways, granting him a number of superhuman abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength: Scareodile is superhumanly strong, able to rend metal with his bare hands.
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Durability: Scareodile’s body is more resistant to injury, both due to his thick scales and due to the physical make-up of his body.
  • Enhanced Scent: Scareodile possesses an enhanced sense of smell.
  • Aquatic Adaptation: Scareodile can’t breathe water, but he is able to hold his breath for long periods of time, and is able to move, fight, and swim through water (or similar environments, such as a muddy swamp) unimpeded.
  • Reptilian Regeneration: Despite being a trait of lizards rather than crocodiles, Scareodile possesses a rapid healing factor capable of regrowing entire limbs or organs.

Fear Pheromones: Scareodile is capable of generating a pheromone cloud that causes everyone around him to feel terrified.

Suppression Resistance: Scareodile retains most of his powers while under the effects of genetic/power suppression. He only loses the ability to produce fear pheromones.






Cold-Blooded: Scareodile’s reptilian physiology leaves him vulnerable to low temperatures. He’s not sensitive enough to be affected by instantaneous effects such as an ice blast, but extended exposure to low temperatures makes him slow and sluggish.

Reptilian Hearing: Scareodile does not possess an external ear and, like many reptiles, possesses a weak and dulled sense of hearing.


Scareodile wears torn, oversized pants. His reptilian skin and physiology leave him with little need for clothes.

Steve Niles was born into a poor family in New Los Angeles. Although too skinny to be a bully or a thug, Steve had the attitude and temperament of one. His home was a cacophony of screaming matches and physical abuse, and he constantly performed poorly in school. He felt destined to become a dropout and a criminal.

Steve’s thoughts became reality one fateful day his junior year. Trevor Ikeman, a school bully who gave Steve more beatings than his father, went particularly hard on Steve one day, beating the young man to his body’s limit. Suffering new thresholds of pain, something changed in Steve, as his SURGE sequence flared to life and mutation rippled across his body.

Steve morphed into a nine foot tall reptilian monster, whose body spewed chemical fear. Barely managing to keep himself from killing Trevor, Steve fled, finding his way into the sewer system.

Over the next few days, Steve began to master his abilities. He discovered his healing factor, the limits of his strength, and how to control his fear pheromones. He quickly realized that he really only one life path ahead of him now, and dubbed himself ‘Scareodile’.

Scareodile took to the criminal lifestyle like a fish to water. He loved lording his abilities over others, making himself feel big, and quickly established himself as a criminal mercenary.

Scareodile operated for years throughout southern California, and one day he met his future best friend Perry Planet purely by chance. Sensing a kindred soul in the cockroach man, Scareodile talked him down off of a bridge, and convinced him to come to The Serpent’s Bite, a local bar catering to criminals and super-villains.

The two became fast friends, with Scareodile inducting Perry into the criminal lifestyle. The two had a long and successful tenure as super-villains, until they decided to rob a bank in San Diego. Perry was wounded in a shootout with the San Diego PD, and was taken into custody. Scareodile rampaged, holding Police Commissioner Thorton hostage, threatening to kill him if his friend didn’t pull through. Perry survived, and Scareodile surrendered himself into police custody. Both men are now imprisoned in Blanch Correctional.

STATUS: Imprisoned


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